Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My Private Oasis..... AHHHH

Several people asked me to post a pic of my pool. Many a lazy afternoon is spent lounging out here. I guess I ought to take advantage of those quiet afternoons spent reading while I can,huh???


Kim said...

Oh, come on! Are you serious? You LIVE there???? I am definitely coming to visit! Take full advantage of your private oasis--you deserve some relaxation time!! -Kim

Anonymous said...

I agree! This is more like a resort than a private pool. No wonder you spend so much time out there - I'd never leave it.

Lou (turning a lovely shade of green before St Patricks Day and now crawling off into her pool-less garden to be hot and incredibly envious)

Anonymous said...

You lucky gal, you. We wanna live with you. Plus nice pic of you and hubby. Kick back, splash around, and know us Got Prepared gals are comin' to see ya!!


Anonymous said...

I remember when it was just a back yard. Now it's my vacation spot where lots of fru-fru drinks have been invented and tested.


Staci said...

Very nice!

I wish I could go out and enjoy mine. It's too filthy out there. I asked DH when he would get around to pressure washing the deck and furniture and he said "it's not time yet". WTF?