Friday, December 26, 2008

FFF - Christmas 2008

I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Christmas. We had a nice, low-key day. This is the first time that Gabriella was truly excited about Santa and presents. It was so fun to watch her in the morning tear into all of her gifts. Her favorite? The trampoline! This was her gift purchased with $$ sent by Abuela(Ferdy's mom). As soon as we walk into the house, she goes straight for it saying "Jump, Jump, Jump". I am hoping it will be a good outlet for at least a little of her energy. And as you'll see, Bing is rather fond of it too :-)

Somebody please tell me why the heck I bought Play-Doh????? What was I thinking?

The doll that doesn't work.... So, the question is, do I take it back since I know they won't have any more(I bought it on clearance a while ago) or just keep it? She doesn't know it is supposed to do anything.

Thank goodness mommy finally pulled my hair back and I can see!

Thank goodness we didn't leave all the cookies out for Santa. Nothing better for breakfast!

Here baby, let me show you the trampoline.

Grandma brought more presents???? Oh goody!

Thank you grandma!!

The yummmmmmmmmmy traditional Puerto Rican Christmas dinner of pasteles, arroz con gandules, red beans and pernil(roast pork). Thank you abuela for sending most of our feast all the way from Puerto Rico. And I made a cheese flan which was pretty darn yummy if I say so myself. We've also been enjoying the coquito(Puerto Rican egg nog) sent by abuela.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Today, Gabriella and I made cookies for Santa. This was the first time I was brave enough to let her really help me in the kitchen.

First, we mix, mix, mix....

Then, we try to taste it before mommy stops us....

Then, we decorate ....

Snuck an M&M in.... yummmm.

These are four that she decorated all by herself, so they are the ones for Santa.

She was a wild woman at church tonight and it was hard to get a good pic of her in her dress.... And she had just had her hands in her mouth so I see that she has drool all over her mouth and dress. I thought we had passed that stage, but she has been terrible about having her hands in her mouth again lately. And I had bought nice silver sparkly shoes to go with the dress. I got them about a month ago and they fit. Tonight?? Too small. Her feet have barely grown at all in the last year and in the last few weeks, I've noticed her shoes getting tighter. So, we went with black shoes.

Daddy and Gabriella lit the candles during the service.

As always, our attempts at a family shot are never very successful.....

Putting our cookies and milk out for Santa. It's hard work delivering all those presents you know.

When I opened the door tonight to let my mom out, I found this on our doorstep..... Awwww, how sweet.

And I just had to share this last picture. It doesn't really show well in the picture, but can you see what there is an imprint of on this cookie???? It's a paw print. Bing's paw print to be specific. Right as we were getting ready to do the cookies he jumped from one kitchen counter to the island and landed on one of the cookies. Thank goodness I was able to basically catch him before he took the entire batch out. He might not be here tonight if he had.