Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hodgepodge, Catchup with Pictures

I haven't posted for several days, so I have lots of pictures to catch up on. Hang on, this post is long!!

Fun with paper towels.

Yes, she just has pajama bottoms on. I ran out of tops(some sets are two bottoms and one top), so she went to bed with just bottoms. Needless to say, I did laundry the next day. The child has enough clothes that I'd probably never have to do her laundry again, but she runs out of PJs and that's when I know it's time to wash her clothes.

Grandma always has such fun purses!

Ooooh, you never know what's in there!

Aha, the credit cards!!!

I'm outta here! Let's go shopping!

Come on, what are you waiting on??

All that shopping wore me out. I think I'll lay my head down for a minute.

Another day, another shopping opportunity.

What do you mean we're not going again???

Oh, we can go for a wagon ride instead??? OK! As long as I can bring my purse.

Kera doing her balancing act on the crib. She's thinking of running away and joining the circus.

And, oh Bing... Rather than post this on his blog, I'll put them here since it involves Gabriella. He really likes to try to steal Gabriella's food right off her tray. It doesn't help that she often drops food down to him so he knows what's up there. Who says you need a dog to clean up the scraps on the floor? And of course, I was cracking up and taking pictures instead of beating him down like I should have. How bad of a mommy am I? Honestly, the poor child gets enough of the cat hair from the house, that what's a little paw on her tray?

Got it!

Mommy, he's funny! Gabriella just cracks up when Bing does this. Notice that mommy moved the food further from the edge.

No problem, he's got loooong legs.

Studying that green bean.

Notice this next picture. She's dropping the food down to him. And she's looking at me like that because she knows she isn't supposed to.

So, now he's going to try from the other side.


Grrrrr. OK, mommy, enough. Get this kitty cat (or ki ca as she says) outta here!

Speaking of hair, anybody have one of those Roombas or Scoobas? Do you love it? Worth the splurge? There's no way I can keep up with 3 long-haired cats.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Quick, Snap the Picture While You Can

I put a bow in Gabriella's hair(I haven't even tried for a long time) and she actually left it in for a little while. Of course, getting good pics of her is hard since she is in constant motion.... Half of the pictures I take any more have the top of her head cut off.

Another reason I can't get a good picture. She heads right for me as soon as she sees the camera.

Tell me this look is not mischievious.

She still loves to put things in her mouth and walk around with them.

Oh those perfect lips.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

First Trip to the Zoo

Today, we took Gabriella to the zoo for the first time. Can I just say holy moly gosh it was hot and humid? Aye yay. Can I also say we sure do need a real zoo in this town? Sigh....

I was a little late with the camera to be able to post an X-rated picture of the two leopards... Man, they needed to get a room - 'nuf said.

She and Bing were playing tug-of-war with her new leopard purse from the zoo.

A purse and a remote control. What more does a girl need?

And here are some pictures from the last couple of days. My photo shoots in the grass are much harder than they used to be since she won't sit still.

Gabriella now has a fascination with hairbrushes. If she sees one, she immediately pats her head and wants the brush. She will brush her hair and then likes to brush yours too.

I'm not sure what these two were looking at outside.