Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Patriotic Girl

I thought this dress was so cute. Couldn't wait until the 4th of July to put it on her. She's got other red, white and blue for next week. The best part? With the sale and coupon I had, it cost $2 !!!!!

It didn't take any coaxing for Bing to jump right in with her.

I'll admit, we put Kera in there with the two of them. It'll be a cold day in well, you know where before Apple is a part of this....

Gee, if my clothes end up with cat hair all over them after I iron, I'll know why.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

That's My Girl!

Lovely, isn't it???? She loves to do this to me(click to enlarge to see how smooshed up her face is on the glass). She goes around to the other side of the glass door if I have it open and gives me this.... Can I just say how nasty the glass is now??

Here she is with her new purse. She loves to carry around bags and purses, so we bought her a Dora purse the other day(it's backwards so you can't see Dora). She loves to carry it around. We got it at the mall the other day and let her walk through the mall and she carried it the whole time. I wish I had the camera with me.

I will try to get a picture of how she puts it up on her arm and walks around with it. It's so cute.

Daddy bought Gabriella her own Steeler's hat. It's still just a wee bit big -hee hee.

Double Trouble. I swear this was not staged at all. Bing had gotten into the wagon again and Gabriella started pushing it all over the house. She was ramming into walls and doors and he stayed in it the whole time. This cat amazes me.

I better hunker down, the ride's gettin' rough.

Bing is sad today. It was garbage day and the box went to the curb.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Little Red Wagon

I've been thinking of getting a wagon for Gabriella for a while now. They were on sale, so I finally got her one today.

Daddy had extra helpers to put it together.

Loaded up, belted in, a drink for the ride and we're off.

She really loved it and was not a happy camper when we got home and took her out.

Looks like the other kids like it too.

Hey Bing, check out my better side!

I was getting Gabriella's lunch ready today and she was in her room. It was the first time that she just sat in there and played with her toys quietly for more than a minute or two.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pretty in Pink

Can I just say again how this smile melts me? I get stopped so many times everywhere we go with people commenting on her smile. It really is engaging and the dimples of course help. She likes to flirt with people while I'm holding her. She'll give her big smile, then when they talk to her, she'll lay her head on my shoulder and coyly look at them or laugh.

You can really tell in the next picture how her hair is really getting lighter. It's dark brown and not black as most Guatebabes.

Don't let her fool you. She still can't drive her car. She can only go backwards still.

She's finally pushing the cart around a lot more than dumping it over and climbing on it. She likes to put stuff in and take it right back out.

She's answering her phone in the one below(don't tell her it's upside down!). She is completely and totally obsessed with the whole talking on the phone thing. She does it all day long, non-stop with anything she can. If nothing is available, her hand will do. If she sees someone with a cell phone or hears a phone ring, the reaction is immediate. It's hilarious. What is so fascinating to me is that Ferdy and I spend very little time on the phone. So, how she has picked this up as her favorite thing to do is beyond me.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

15 Month Stats

Gabriella had her 15 month checkup today. She is now 22 lbs 2oz and is 31 1/2 inches tall!!! So far, she is staying on a curve where she is tall. hmmmmm.

Only one shot, so that made mommy happy. I forgot she already had her MMR at her 12 mo. checkup and thought that one was coming today.

I didn't get many pictures from our gathering on Saturday :-( There were a lot of people and kids everywhere on two levels of the house and outside. Total chaos and total fun!!!! Lots of yummy food. Since I haven't gotten permission yet to post the few pictures that have other kids, I'll just post a couple of Miss G.

This poor doggy. She just wanted to sleep(she never moved from this spot the entire day) and Gabriella kept going up to her and poking her.

The big kids had a blast on the water slide.

Gabriella is now learning to pull things up and sit or stand on them to get to things she can't otherwise reach. She pulls the cushions off of the couch and stands on them to try to get to the remote. In this case? Little pieces of play-doh. Well, at least it's non-toxic.

I'll post this pic since the little boy's face isn't showing. Poor little fellow. Gabriella kept taking his truck from him.

I was so surprised that Gabriella wore daddy's hat around for quite a while.

Enough of the hat!

Getting some tickles from daddy.

Everybody gets only one guess by the look on her face what she was doing in this picture. And no, I didn't intentionally take a picture of it!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Little Fashionista

Hey Grandma, I hear big handbags are in this season. Yours will fit the bill just fine.

And as for sunglasses... the bigger the better according to Paris and Lindsay, right??? And umm, yeah, they're grandma's ok??

Looking all serious in her carseat. She heard we weren't going to the park.

What's up Bing? I know you love it when I stick my fingers up your nose.

Here are a couple more pics that Sarah sent me from Monday.

I told you she was a fish!! I always wondered what she was actually doing when I let her go under(believe me, she wants to!!). Mark had a disposable underwater camera, and so now I know!!

We three will do some serious damage shopping in the years to come!!

We have a big shindig we are soooooo looking forward to tomorrow. A group formed a couple of months ago of Central Florida families who have already adopted internationally or are in process. There are families with (or soon to have) children from Russia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Guatemala, China and gosh, I am probably missing a country or two. For such a new group, we've grown to something like 15 or so families already. We've had 3 gatherings so far. We didn't go to Sea World last month as Gabriella is just too young to appreciate it and mommy and daddy need to not spend so much $$ for an afternoon. Tomorrow, one of the families is hosting a gathering at their house about an hour or so from us. There should be like 20 adults and I'm not sure how many kids, but I'm guessing there must be 15-20 kids. I think Gabriella will be the 2nd youngest if I'm not mistaken. We are so excited to meet the rest of the group and have some fun! I'll post pictures, so stay tuned.