Saturday, September 30, 2006

One Month Ago

We've been home now for a month. Wow, how time flies. It really still seems surreal and hard to believe it hasn't been that long since we were fretting over the process and wondering when we'd have Gabriella home. Now, we are all settled in as a family and happier than ever.

Enjoy a couple of pictures from this morning. Gabriella was trying to teach Bing how to play with the toy, but he just wasn't getting it!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Long Time No Post

I know, I know.. It's been over a week since I've posted - shame on me! We've been just having a good 'ol time.

Gabriella is doing great. She's changing daily it seems. Her hair is really filling in, her teeth are getting bigger, she's rolling all over and starting to really support herself when you sit her up. I suspect she'll be able to sit on her own within the next couple of weeks, if not sooner.

She enjoys cereal, bananas, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and green beans. We still have yet to try pears, peaches, apples and peas, but I suspect she'll like them as she doesn't seem to be picky(at least not yet).

She's a good traveller and accompanies me somewhere almost every day. We go shopping, meet people for lunch, etc. As long as I get home in time for her afternoon nap, all is well.

Here are a couple of recent pictures.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Dip in the Pool

Gabriella went in the pool today. She wasn't too sure what to think of it. It wasn't the usual warm water of her bath, so she didn't splash around like I expected. But, she seemed to enjoy floating around with mommy for a bit. She's still a little small for the float.

Hey, this waterfall feels pretty cool on my feet...

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 12th Anniversary. What a difference a year makes. It's amazing that we are now parents.

As I write this blog entry, Gabriella is in her crib(supposed to be napping) squealing away. She's found her voice recently and can really get some high-pitched noises going.

This morning, she enjoyed her high chair for the first time and some more rice cereal. I have to hold her hands as she gets so excited so goes for the spoon and it flies everywhere.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

First Food

Gabriella hadn't been started on solids in Guatemala so we waited until her 6 month pediatrician appointment before we started anything. Today, she had her first food - some rice cereal. She absolutely loved it!!! Kept grabbing for the spoon and squealing for more. I didn't give her too much as I didn't want to upset the tummy or anything. Took a number of bites before she figured out how to swallow it instead of spitting it out, but she started to get the hang of it.

Here is the aftermath...

Friday, September 15, 2006

Our Big Girl

Gabriella had her 6 month appointment today. She is now 15lbs 4oz!!! She's in the 30th percentile for head, 40th for weight and 75th for length!!

He said she has good tone,etc. Her head control is still a bit behind when you pull her up from laying down, but he said she's doing fine and will catch up. It's likely because of her small birth size/possible prematurity. She's a bit lazy on trying to sit up or put weight on her legs, but continued play time should help with that.

The doctor saw a little bit of fluid in her ear and so he put her on an antibiotic to ward off a potential ear infection and hopefully knock the rest of this ick out. He said she is a bit congested still, but he said this stuff can hang on for a while and isn't concerned since it's not affecting her mood or eating or causing a fever.

She got two shots today which was no fun for her or mommy and daddy(mommy mostly!). Heck, if they stuck me twice I'd be none to happy either. But, she was fine after about 5 minutes of crying.

Yesterday was her 6-month birthday. Here are a couple of pictures of the happy girl. You can see her two bottom teeth in the first pic.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

So, so happy

My friend Michelle had a long wait for her referral, just as we did. She was reaching the end of her rope and then.... She's here!!!! Go check out her blog here for pics as she is just stunningly gorgeous!!!!

Congrats Michelle and Steve!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Family photos

Ha, you thought Ferdy, myself and Gabriella right??? Nah, just Gabriella and the kitties(at least the two that will come around - Apple is still not buying into it).

From this look of disgust....

To licking her hair(it does smell good!)

Cool toy, can I play too?

Someone figured out how to get to the balls inside.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is Ferdy's birthday. I am sure he received the best birthday present ever by getting his baby girl home in time to celebrate!

Happy Birthday - I love you!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006


Sorry for the delay in an update - I know everyone has been waiting! Ferdy and I are finally starting to feel better - still have to get it all out(one would think I had expelled enough, but apparently not), but much better. Gabriella was doing much better and last night and today she seems congested again. I'll call the dr. Monday if she's still all raspy. She's still quite happy, but I hate hearing her breathe like that.

Gabriella is still a very content and happy baby. She gets a little antsy in the late afternoons, but is happy if she gets carried around or strolled. When the weather here finally cools off, she will enjoy walks through the neighborhood. For now, walks through the house have to do as we would both melt if we went out.

Yesterday, she got to meet all of daddy's co-workers and she flashed her smile for everyone.

Here's a picture from yesterday. She was going absolutely bonkers playing with us while I blew in her face. She just thought that was the cat's meow.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Rough Start

This has been a rough transition for Ferdy and I into parenthood. Certainly not how I'd dreamed it would be. We've both been downright sick. Yep, that's right, Ferdy got it too. Worse in some ways as he's had a fever/chills the last two nights. I woke up last night because he was shaking in the bed. I am definitely getting better, but just when I think I'm heading upward, I get set back. I felt pretty good yesterday and then this morning - total exhaustion. I slept for several hours today and am still tired. But, I do feel like I'll be much better in a few days. The upside is I've lost about 5 pounds since before we left for Guatemala. I needed that jumpstart, so hopefully it will stay off!! Of course, not being able to taste anything means you don't exactly waste eating on frivoulous things.

So, we've been tag-teaming it as far as who takes care of Gabriella. It all depends on who feels more human at the time.

Gabriella is still coughing, but definitely less frequently. It's just that when she does, she has such a fit of it. But, I only heard her coughing on the monitor last night about 2-3 times instead of many,many times.

Oh, and to top it all off - she's teething! So, she's had some extra grumpy moments the last couple of days. I can definitely see the two bottom teeth starting to break the surface and the amount of drool as definitely increased(who would have thought that was possible???).

Not too many pics the last couple of days, so I'll leave you with this one.

Friday, September 01, 2006

First US Pediatrician Appointment

Gabriella went to the dr. today. I wanted to have her nasty cough/congestion checked out. He said that as long as she continues to eat and act fine, it should work it's way out in time. He did give a prescription to help the wheezing/breathing similar to one she was already taking. She got her heel pricked for some tests and boy did she pitch a royal fit when they were trying to squeeze it onto the test paper.

We go back in two weeks for her 6 month checkup. The doctor said she looks very healthy and has definitely done well as far as her weight gain.

Here are some photos from last night.

Not 5 minutes after her bath and changing into the pink PJs, I was feeding her and could tell she was "filling" her diaper. Well, I then felt wet and warm. UGHHH. Blowout. Nothing like a clean baby needing hosing down....

Here she is checking out her Bumbo seat this afternoon.