Saturday, June 24, 2006

We're In!!!

I received an update tonight that we entered PGN yesterday (June 23). PGN is like the Guatemalan equivalent of the US Attorney General. Please, please let us get through without any previos. A previo (also known as a kickout/KO) is when the file is rejected for any problem and it has to go back through the system again. They can be issued for any reason, big or small. And it seems that from month to month there is a different previo du jour that crops up and hits cases. Things like signatures are possible reasons for them. It's a typical beauracracy with lots of red tape.

As I have said before, this stage is the most unpredictable and where we need everyone's prayers for "smooth sailing". We're told right now it is taking about 6 weeks in PGN. This is quite a bit longer than it was taking some months ago before a new director took over. The unfortunate thing is that sometimes it takes that amount of time just to find that you get KO'd and then back to the beginning you go. So, you can see why this is going to be a stressful time for us and can make or break how fast we get her home. Once you successfully make it out of PGN, it's usually around 3-4 weeks until travel.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Good News Keeps Coming!

I received another update that our case exited Family Court on Thursday, June 8!!!!!!!!!! That is record timing - only 2 1/2 weeks since the interviews were complete!!! It averages 3-6 weeks. I am on cloud 9 at this point.

The lawyer will now prepare the file, get things sealed and notarized and submit us for PGN. I just cannot believe how well things have gone so far. PGN will be the hardest part though, as it is very unpredictable. Can everyone do some kind of collective PGN dance and send good thoughts to the director (he can be persnickety, I understand)?

Friday, June 09, 2006

June Doctor Visit

Gabriella had her monthly checkup on Monday, June 5. She was one day shy of 12 weeks old and she now weighs 9 lbs 12 oz and is 20.2 " long. Still quite the peanut, but growing well.

She had her 2nd Hepatitis B shot and her first DPT and HiB vaccine.

Enjoy the pics.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I got the email today from the US Embassy that we have our Pre-Approval!! So, we are now just waiting on the Family Court interviews to be written up and exit Family Court. This normally takes 3-6 weeks from the last interview, which was May 22. Once we exit Family Court, our case will be prepared and submitted to PGN, the last big(and the most unpredictable) step in getting Gabriella home! We are hoping to be in PGN by July.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Last Post from Guatemala

This morning we went to the Artisan's Market in Guatemala City to finish up our souveinir shopping. Later we met with someone with Ferdy had worked with here in Guatemala about 6 years ago. We met her and her husband and had some lunch, picked up their son and went to a mall. Ferdy has desperately tried to find a soccer jersey from one of the Guatemalan teams, but they are nowhere to be found. If you want one from Brazil, Spain, Italy, France,etc, no problem. Guatemala, no - go figure. Then they drove us around the city for a while. It was a nice afternoon.

Here is one last picture of Gabriella and Maegan who share the same birthday. We bought the quilt they are laying on in Antigua at the market and found another one just like it today for Maegan. We were even able to bargain down the price to the same that we paid in Antigua(they seem to be more expensive here in the city). So, someday Gabriella will have that on her bed(hope she likes bright pink!!).

We head home tomorrow and get home around midnight. It will be good to be home, but I hope to return very soon!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Goodbye For Now - We'll see you soon!

Well, as expected, today was a really tough day - so hard to say good-bye to such a precious baby. We know she is in good hands, but of course we wish we could take her home with us now. Her foster mom was so excited to see her again and showered her with kisses and compliments. We had to ask them to take the crib and baby bathtub out of the room so we wouldn't be reminded she isn't here tonight. Sadly, the crib is still out in the hallway this evening.

Today, Ferdy spoke to the doctor that checks the babies monthly and he believes that Gabriella was a preemie, but we will never know for sure. The good news is that she is growing and healthy, just tiny.

Enjoy the pictures from today and just ignore my red eyes!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another FTC Family

Today, we met Lisa and Joel who are using our agency as well. They arrived today to meet their daughter Maegan who shares a birthday with Gabriella! Gabriella looks so tiny next to Maegan. Can you tell who the unhappy one is??

It rained for a good part of the day, so we were cooped up inside most of the time. Mommy got a hot stone massage. AHHHHHHH. Very relaxing.

Gabriella has been quite the fussy girl this evening for some reason. She's not cried this much since we have been here. We hope it's not a sign of how the night will be. Maybe she too is sad it is her last night to see mommy and daddy for a while.
I just love looking at my daddy while he feeds me.

Getting dried after my bath!

Last night was about the same as Tuesday night. She went to sleep around 10(we tried to keep her up later, but no dice), woke up at 2:00am and 6:15am. Mommy is feeling a bit like a truck ran her over today. Gosh, after only 3 days. Wimpy,huh?

We met another FTC (our agency) family by the pool yesterday. They are taking their sweet little one home today.

Thank you to everyone who has left us such nice comments! Keep them coming. And if you are just lurking, step out of the shadows and say hello!