Friday, March 30, 2007

Leggo My Eggo

I gave Gabriella a Blueberry NutriGrain Eggo waffle this morning. Man, like her birthday cake, she couldn't shovel it in fast enough(and this was after she had already eaten a container of Peach YoBaby yogurt). I had to only give her a couple of pieces at a time or she would just keep shoveling. I find that is the way she eats a lot of times. So, I've yet to be able to just give her a hunk of something and let her take bites off of it. She just shoves into her mouth and I worry about her choking. The grocery store here gives kids a free cookie in the bakery and one day I went ahead and took the one they offered. I gave broke off about 1/3 of it and handed it to her. She just started cramming it all in there and I had to take it away. I won't tell you the reaction that got, but I had no choice.

She looks like she's been caught in the act of something here...

Just in case you want a good look.

So far today has been much better. She's had a few little snits, but she had a good nap this morning and has been sleeping for an hr so far this afternoon. Neither nap started out with screaming and so that is a good thing for mommy's nerves. We went to lunch with Grandma and she did very good in her highchair(and last night when mommy and daddy took her out too). Phew. The few times before that had not been such a good experience and I was beginning to wonder if we'd be banished to take-out.

Farrah, does this dress look familiar? It's the one I got for a bargain when we went shopping at the Tommy outlet. Can't pass up a good deal, you know! Her hair looks all greasy in these pics because she is such a head sweater!! Anybody else's babe have that issue??? Sometimes when I get her up from her nap, her hair looks like she just got out of the bath. And it's not because it's hot in the house.

Ooooh, don't you just envy these lips??? I know I do considering I have NONE whatsoever on top and not much more on the bottom.

She's getting really good at squatting and bending over. I don't think it will be terribly long before she takes that first tenative step on her own. She's letting go more and more often.

Hee hee, looks like she has a beer belly in this pic!! Don't worry, only Bing gets a shot at the beer!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Asserting Herself

Not many pics this week as there hasn't been much time between hissy fits, oops I mean asserting herself. This has been a rough week on mommy trying to keep her patience intact. I can't say it is completely. Gabriella has been fighting naps and throwing some pretty good fits. She's taken to arching her back and throwing her head backwards on the floor. That works out just fine and dandy as long as she's on a soft surface. She's just all around not been a very happy camper all week. She took an hour to finally give in this afternoon and take a nap. She woke up a much happier girl. Too bad you can't reason that with them, huh?

Here are the pics I did take.

Yep, the pointer is still working overtime.

Caught in the act of biting Minnie's ear!

Can't you just see it in her eyes????

Monday, March 26, 2007

The Sippy Solution

Gabriella is more than happy to drink her milk from a cup. But, she just wasn't getting the hang of tilting the cup and her head back to drink. So, I got some sippies with straws. Bingo! She sucks down her milk with that.

Oooooh mommy, thank you for the yummy milk!

Here is one for Titi Ady. She sent this dress from Greece for Gabriella and now it fits her perfectly. She's sitting on her new learning chair she got for her birthday from her little buddy Connor. Now, we just have to teach her not to do a nosedive to get out of it! I have it on the nice soft mat in the playroom now.

Further proof that yes, Bing is actually a person. Hanging with Grandma Maty.

Gabriella learned to point and now she points at everything and everyone.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Today was Gabriella's birthday party. It was a gorgeous day and we all had a blast!

First, some warm-up pictures from last night, testing the hat out....

No way would she leave it on for even a second.

But, I figured once distracted by cake, she'd leave it alone. You'll see in the pics to come that I was right!

Titi Karen

The two grandmas

All nice and clean... not for long!

mmmmmmm, I remember this sweet stuff!

Ok, time to really dig in.

Time to open the presents.

And so as to not leave the star of the blog out... Bing up to his usual antics. Do you think they have AA for cats?? He was obviously quite interested in the beer.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Phew - Easier Than I Thought

Tonight was the first night I put Gabriella to bed without giving her a bottle. She's never really been one that used the bottle to soothe or comfort and hasn't needed a bottle in the middle of the night since we came home, but I still wondered how she would react to just going to bed without that routine. She did let me read most of a short book before she was clamoring to get off of my lap. Will she EVER enjoy just sitting in my lap?????? Sigh... I then turned down the lights, held her standing for a minute and and put her in her crib as usual and she was fine.

Enjoy some pictures from today:

I guess climbing on a book is a start!

Not sure what this face is about!

I love her wispy hair in this one.