Sunday, April 22, 2007

We're Back

We're back from Miami. We got back around 6pm. All-in-all Gabriella did very well considering totally messing up her routine and schedule for 2 days and sitting in her carseat for like 7 hrs total.

Yesterday(gosh, was it only yesterday we went down and we're already back??) we left a little before 10. Gabriella usually naps around 9:30 am, so I figured she conk out right away. Wrong... she slept for about 20 minutes and was awake.

We first stopped in Palm Bay to visit with George and Gladys, some family friends of Ferdy's from waaaaay back in Puerto Rico when he was in high school. We had a nice visit with them for a couple of hours. We were so surprised when they told us they had lunch all cooked for us. YUMMMMMMM. Puerto Rican red beans and white rice, some beef with potatoes and carrots and some delicious plantains cooked with butter, cinnamon, vanilla and rum!!!!!! I got the ingredients, so I'll have to try it out sometime.

A couple of pics from our visit(Gabriella is holding the stuffed cow they got for her):

We were back on the road around 1:30 pm heading south. Gabriella took another very short catnap and that's it. I was really surprised that she didn't crash as she usually sleeps well in the car. We got to Miami around 4 and checked into the hotel.

We had to be at the yacht by 6:30 pm, so we had a little while to hang in the room and try to entertain Gabriella. We brought a few toys, but of course a hotel room is not very baby-friendly, so we had to really watch her.

We all got changed and headed out to the yacht which was only about 5 minutes away. The weather had been really iffy all day and was VERY, VERY, VERY windy and chilly. Let's just say, even though my dress was long, it was hard not to give people a show. It had stopped raining thank goodness though. They had to make a call at the last minute as to whether or not to have the ceremony on the top open deck as planned or move it inside. They went ahead and did it outside and it turned out perfectly. The sun actually came out as the yacht was leaving and the ceremony was about to start.

I sat in the very back so that I could stand up with Gabriella if needed. There was so much going on around us that she actually sat in my lap for most of it. That, my friends, was an absolute world record. She literally has NEVER sat in my lap for more than a minute before(usually more like a second and I'm not exaggerating).

The beautiful bride

Like I said, it was windy!

Gabriella had a blast looking at herself in the mirror. The seats were soft, wide bench type sofas around the outside of this deck on the yacht and she was just jumping up and down, throwing herself down and having a ball.

Can you believe we didn't get someone to take a picture of the three of us all dolled up???

Mommy and daddy had to do shifts to eat since there was no way she was going to put up with sitting in her stroller. It was about 8:30 by this time and she was tired, but too stimulated to sleep and was getting fussy. She finally caved in and was so exhausted that she fell asleep around 10pm. We laid her down and she was out. There were a couple of babysitters who sat with her and mommy and daddy went to join the party. Unfortunately, about 45 minutes later, I came back in and I think she heard me talk and she jolted awake and was freaked out about where she was and so that was the end of that. The boat docked soon anyway. By the time we got off and went across the street and waited forever to get our car from the valet and got back to the hotel, it was midnight when we got her to sleep. She did cry a bit at first, but she was so exhausted she went to sleep before long. It was really noisy in the hotel though, with people coming and going and doors slamming shut until about 3:30 am. Yes, I know when because I couldn't sleep at all with so much commotion. I guess people are there to party in Miami Beach. Gabriella slept pretty fitfully and ended up waking at 8am instead of sleeping in as I had hoped. After a few minutes of disorientation she was in a good mood though.

Mommy, what's in this bag???

Aha, my sippy cup - but there's nothing in it!!!!

Today, we went to Coconut Grove to walk around and get some lunch.

When I was growing up, my grandmother and aunt, uncle and cousins all lived in Miami, so we made frequent trips down. I have so many memories of going to the beach at Crandon Park there, so we drove over there today. The water was pretty rough from the wind, so we didn't let Gabriella get her feet in the ocean for the first time as I didn't want her soaked.

Gabriella really has a fascination with leaves and today was no exception. And boy oh boy, these leaves are big!!!

More big leaves!!!!! I'm in heaven, can we come back here????

Phew, that was a long post!!!!!!! Are you still awake??


Farrah said...

Sounds like you all had a great time...My weekend was pretty boring as we went to a Birthday party and went to Sears to pick up our pictures...Your weekend was funner.

Type (little) a said...

You are one good looking family!

Glad you survived the trip!

ginger said...

Glad to hear that you made it back. Looks like you had a great time. The little one is adorable as always.

Tricia said...

Alleen, great pictures, girl! And yes, you were missed! I am so proud of how well Miss G handled everything!!! She is such a doll! Thanks for your sweet e-mail, my friend!

Lisa said...

Wow! Looks like fun! It is so pretty in Florida!! Makes me wonder why we're still out here in West Texas!! Dirt and tumbleweeds! Gotta love'em!

Carrie said...

Oh, the beach looks so beautiful! I love Miami and Coconut Grove-fun! We have had 2 days of summer and I want to go to the beach!

You and Gabriella look so pretty! We did not get a photo of the three of us from the wedding we went to last month either. You don't think of that with a baby!

Glad you had a nice time and all went as smoothly as it could!

Anonymous said...

Looks - and sounds - like you 3 had a great weekend!

Very cool to be 13 months old and cruise'n in a yacht. I want G's live!!!!

Auntie S

Well-heeled mom said...

It's been a loonngg time, but I remember thinking Biscayne Bay was beautiful when I visited Miami. I am attending a wedding in two weeks, and the color is red also. What a cool spring wedding color!

nikki said...

Sounds like it was a fun trip. Hope you all get some rest the next few days.
Sounds like Miss G was a trooper.

Karen D. said...

Love the pictures! Glad you had a great trip!

Kim said...

I love Miss G's wedding attire! So pretty. I wish I could go to the beach!!!

Crystal said...

Hey you I saw your last post with Gabriella's pics!!!!!!!! aaaawwww you are just too too sweet!!! :O)Have I told you all is right with the world now that I got my fill of pics with Gabriella!!!! She is so so so so beautiful all dolled up!!! You have a beautiful beautiful family!!!! When I was reading your post I was thinking you are such a good mom Alleen --you are--- you can hear it in your post how much you love your baby girl!!! I am so blessed to have gotton to "know" you and to have found your blog!!! :o) So sorry I am so mushy tonight!!! I just started the "pill" and normally I am pretty sappy but I think it is making me worse!!! :o) I love ya hugs to you and that beautiful baby girl!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the dress Miss G wore to the wedding. You all looked fabolous! Hugs and kisses Gabriella!


Ana's Mama said...

Gabriella is getting more beautiful every day! Looks like you guys had a wonderful trip!