Sunday, May 27, 2007

Perpetual Motion

Gabriella is definitely officially walking now. She walks all over the house. She still falls a lot, but if she slows down she can take a lot of steps without falling. It's a whole new ballgame now.

She loves to crawl under the desk and play while I catch up on my blog buddies :-)
Does this face not have mischief written all over it????

That's my girl.... carrying around her credit card.

We went to church this morning. Sadly, we don't go hardly any more because it's right in the middle of Gabriella's morning nap. I hate making her miss her nap, so until she drops that nap, we're just not able to go. She is wearing a beautiful dress that Ferdy's mom made for her. She hand-smocked it herself(click on the pictures to zoom in for the details). Thank you Grandma Maty!!

She grabbed hold of the pastor's wife's hand and mine and practically hauled us down the sidewalk!!! She would not take no for an answer.

She loves to walk around with toys in her mouth.

Oh Bing..... what am I to do with you????


ginger said...

You better watch that girl, she looks like she could get into some trouble. I love the dress!! It looks so adorable on such a beautiful baby girl. Looks like she is moving very well.

Anonymous said...

Awww...what a big girl!!!
I love teh dress...gorgeous!! And I also love her in the bright pink outfit! Those bright colors are somethin' else on their beautiful skin!!!
The baby doll accessories came from Target. They had 2 sets, but the one I got is an exclusive at Target. I love that store!!
She'll be running soon...get ready!!! :>) It's exhausting!!

Shelby said...

Gorgeous! I love that face. She is so cute and mobile too-- look out! The dress is beautiful and looks fantastic on her too.

Carrie said...

Such adorable photos! If you need your hands to balance, it is very smart to carry things in your mouth. They are so amazing. Her dress is beautiful, like all her outfits. We mamas are quite the shoppers for our little girls and they will be too as evidenced by them grabbing the credit cards already.

Yeah Gabriella with you walking. Your little friend here is not as confident yet. Maybe in a few weeks.

Ashley said...

I hear you were my SBP!!! Thanks so much... I really appreciate it and enjoyed it!


Lori said...

Cat keeping the seat warm....priceless!!

Love the dress, she is so cute!!

Beth said...

I am so happy for you! My brother is in Guate right now finishing up med. school. I want to adopt a baby, but doing so single is not an easy thing. I have to find a suitable daddy first.

Jenny and Matt said...

I love the action shots!
She gets the best looks on her face!

Lisa said...

That dress is beautiful! She did a great job. She sure has some guility looks huh? What a cutie.

Farrah said...

That dress is beautiful...I love it! And she is so cute walking..
Hey are ya'll taking a road trip this weekend..Just trying to get a head count for food sake. You can email me! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

We'll need a mouser when we move - can I borrow Bing? What personality. Love the dress. When I was a little girl my mom handmade most of my clothes.

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nikki said...

Look at her go!!!!!
Love that dress!!!