Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mid-Week Round-Up Post

So, nothing much going on around here. We've still been getting hammered with storms lately, so no pool time for us. So, I'll just leave you with pictures since the last post.

Another fashionable look don't you think? Sarah, I'm sure this isn't what you had in mind for accessorizing when you gave Miss G this dress.

This picture makes me laugh. She got her babies lined up with all her stuff on the window sill and they had a little party.

She loves to roll up pieces of paper and put them in cups. Then she says it's coffee and serves it to me. She calls everything she makes now coffee. I swear I only drink one cup a day!!! Yet, she is obsessed.

And now we begin the 4th of July fashion parade. In order to get her to wear all of her red, white and blue outfits, I should have started sooner!

The girl accessorizes even when eating her banana.


DJ Holly Rock said...

Alleen, she is so funny with all of her purses. I love how each chair has two purses hanging on it, in the pictures of her with her doll's lined up. How the heck do you get her to stand still and smile for a picture???

Kim said...

I'm glad to see that she is staying on message!! :) Love the purses - love the outfits - love the dolls!!

Type (little) a said...

When you ask Ducky what Mommy drinks the answer is "coffee".

It could be worse, she could say "Bourbon"

Anonymous said...

Al -
I've given Miss G's dress, socks and choice of shoes some thought. You know, it works for her. Not many people who could pull off that look! LOL!

Miss ya.
Have a fun and safe 4th of July!
Auntie S

P.S. I can't wait until she starts dressing Bing up like her babies!

Michelle Smiles said...

Love the red and blue flip flops!

Lori & Robby said...

That picture of her with her dolls is just precious!

Maria and Family said...

I LOVE the picture of the babies all lined up ! Bella does the same thing ! And seriously, only ONE cup of coffee? Yikes. I would croak ;)

Amy S. said...


If there is an example of someone changing "right before my eyes" is Ms. G. She has changed to the "big girl" toddler look so very fast. Wow!
So cute in all of her red, white and blue dresses.
Have a great weekend if the rain stays away. This humidity is a bummer too! Blahhhhhh

Love and Hugs..

Tricia said...

Alleen - she is too adorable for words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!