Sunday, September 07, 2008

Destin 2008 Trip

OK, sit back, get some wine, coffee, whatever... This one could get long, really long ....

First, let me say, ugh, that is a long drive!!! My back may never forgive me(only, it needs to considering we are going to Guatoberfest in just a month). Gabriella did so great on the trip up. The return trip? Not so much. I was pretty well over the whining, fussing, crying, screaming and hissies by the time we pulled into the driveway.

On our way to Destin, we stopped in Panama City Beach to visit Ferdy's great uncle and aunt who hadn't yet met Gabriella. We had a nice visit for a couple of hours. Wish it could have been longer, but we still had another hour or so to go.

Ferdy and his uncle enjoyed looking at old family photos and filling in some blanks in the family tree.

The best I could get of a family photo.

By the time we got in to Destin and waited out some heavy rain to get to dinner, Gabriella didn't get to bed until 10pm local time, which was 11pm Orlando time due to the time change. She is normally in bed at 8pm. She then proceeded to wake at 6:30 am and did so like clockwork the entire week - ick.

The next morning the weather was definitely not beach weather due to the early effects of Hurricane Gustav, but we did take Gabriella down for a little while to let her play a little since she had been begging for the beach since we got there.

There was no keeping her out of the water even though I hadn't dressed her for it. Needless to say, we all got showers afterwards.

While she napped, I went to the store to get some groceries and stuff and got her a big basket full of sand toys. You would have thought it was Christmas when she saw them!

All ready to go out for dinner (thanks for the dress Savannah and Carrie!).

Monday, the weather was nasty because of the hurricane. In fact, it wasn't until our last day there(Friday) that the red flags weren't out and the water was calming down. These are from Monday afternoon when I was able to go out in between rain bands.


I bought Gabriella a dress that I fell in love with(Connie, I'm thinking of a future photo shoot!) and she was insistent that she try it on. She was so excited and twirling around in it.

After two miserable dinners out (ugh, she was awful!), I decided that the Japanese Steakhouse might be just the ticket to keep her occupied. Thankfully, I was right and she enjoyed the show.

Finally, on Tuesday we were able to go the beach for the day, though we couldn't go in the water past about our knees. The rip currents were really, really nasty.

Our future rock star playing her "guitar".

Is this not the cutest bathing suit???


Moving on to playing the drums now.

By the middle of the trip, we figured out that one way to ease the major fit that ensued when you told her it was time to leave the beach was to tell her we were going to go take a shower. Who would've thought this was the child who was terrified of running/falling water just a short time ago???

She didn't even know the pirate had snuck up behind her.

On Thursday, we headed up to Pensacola to visit with another aunt and uncle of Ferdy's.

Fishing with daddy. They live on a beautiful bayou and the view is gorgeous.

Our last day at the beach.

Miss G apparently thought this sandcastle looked like an ice cream cone.

Calisthenics on the beach....

Last dinner on the beach.

No, mommy, I don't want to leave!

I was so thankful that finally on the last night, there was actually a sunset since there hadn't been one the entire week to that point.

All in all, we had a very nice vacation. I will say, I will think twice about doing this in hurricane season again as it would have been nice to have been able to really go in the water and float around. Miss G is a beach bum extraordinaire, that's for sure. She absolutely was in heaven.

Phew.... Anybody still with me????? That was the mother of all posts. Can't say I didnt' warn you.


nikki said...

Awesome sunset pictures!!!
Miss G's hair got so long.
Looks like you guys had a great time, even if Gustave made for some bad weather!!!

amy said...

great pictures, I like the ones of you and Gabriella, so cute. It does look like she has become quite the water girl, thats great

Anonymous said...

I missed you! And sooo enjoyed all your pictures, you really captured some great memories! Gabriella has such a personality and is such a beauty!

I wish Samantha liked the beach more! She's definately a fresh water girl ;o)

Oh, can't wait to do a shoot with G in her new dress!


Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness I sooooo absolutely LOVED those pictures. They were all so gorgeous and the ones with her in the white dress, barefoot on the beach, oh my............ Though the weather was completely ideal, it sounds and appears like it was truly a wonderful vacation. Enjoyed seeing it so much and of course Miss G is absolutely beautiful as always and had quite the sporting amount of swimming suits, hahahaha!!! Ummm, can relate to the "eating out" tantrums. Miss E turns TWO a week from Friday!!!!

Glad to see everyone made it back safe and sound.


Kim said...

Does that girl take a bad picture? She is just stunning. The last time we were at the beach, Alex wanted nothing to do with it - the sand - the water - the wind - he just wanted to be in the pool. We'll see how he does this fall. I'm glad you guys survived!!!

Tricia said...

I swear she never takes a bad picture!!!! Those are awesome!

My favorite is the ones of you two on the beach together!!

Michelle Smiles said...

It must have taken forever to all of those loaded into blogger!

Glad you found a restaurant that worked and that suit is super cute! Our trip north last weekend showed me I definitely made the right choice about not going to G'fest. I might cry if I had to put the girls into a car and go further than the mall right now. But I will miss seeing everyone.

Looks like a great trip! Thanks for sharing!

Kerri said...

What fantastic pics!!!
Kerri, Medina, and Ruby

JuJu - said...

I can't wait to see you guys on MB:):):):):)

LOVE all the pics - and I am do gadl you guys ahd fun - the pics are gorgeous - but hey = the subject is too perfect to not get a good shot;)

have a great day Alleen:)

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics! Gabriella is so cute and beautiful.


Gail said...

I made it to the end.
Gabriella is so photogenic. She is just beautiful in all the pictures!!

Shelby said...

Looks like you had a great time in spite of Gustav. She is beautiful.

Becca said...

Wow - what fun and your pictures are beautiful, but of course your subject is quite beautiful herself!

Peace and Hugs,

Becca said...

Wow - what fun and your pictures are beautiful, but of course your subject is quite beautiful herself!

Peace and Hugs,

Candy said...

WOW GIRL...Love all the VACA PICS...YOu can probally GUESS my FAV...the ROCK STAR playing the Guitar...STINKIN CUTE!!!! Our plans have changes as we are alot more serious about moving out your I will call you this week.

Julie P said...

WOW it looks like you had a great time despite the weather. I am so impressed G likes the shower, my daughter hates them - this gives me hope! Love the pictures. My favorite swimsuit is the polka-dots with the flamingo that is super cute!

Carrie said...

Wow! What gorgeous photos. Gabriella is amazing. Savannah would never go in the water like that and the shower--forget it. She is looking very tall and grown up to me and these photo and very gorgeous too.

I love her in the dress. She looks beautiful in all the photos in a dress, on the beach, and on with the sunset.

She looks adorable with Ferdy and his family. You are lucky she will go to people she has never met like that. Savannah wouldn't. Gabriella has seemed to be very outgoing. Savannah is so very shy.

Jenny and Matt said...

Those are some great pictures!
It sure helps that you have such a cute subject!

Maria and Family said...

Totally beautiful pictures! I LOVE LOVE sunset beach pictures :) It looks like Gabriella was at home visting everyone and playing on the beach! She is so happy ! Well ..except on the ride home ;)Glad you had a nice time.

Nan and Dan said...

OMG she is just beautiful!
glad you guys had so much fun :)