Sunday, November 16, 2008

HOT Deal Alert, Sickies & a Big Announcement

EDIT: Target has put the prices back to normal.... I sure hope they fulfill the ones that were placed at the lower price.

OK, first the deal: right now has the Britax Marathon carseat in Granite for $42.99 and Cowmooflage for $59.99 including FREE shipping!!! Holy cow this is unheard of! I have been wanting to order a new cover, but those alone are $50.00. I just ordered a whole new seat and now we'll have another seat(we've been moving one seat between cars when needed, thankfully, not often). Use this link to get another $5 off of $50 or more:$5%20Off%20$ Sorry if that URL is mangled. The savings will show up at the end. It says they aren't shipping for a few weeks, but at that price.........

This is a great seat that is highly rated for safety. My only complaint has been that Gabriella recently figured out how to release the tightening strap that is between her crotch. Thankfully, after some bigtime scolding, she's stopped doing it while we drive and now only does it sometimes after we stop.


Next, the sickies.... It's been a rough week around these parts. Last Monday night, Gabriella woke up around 10pm and was throwing up. Fortunately, it really wasn't awful and she only did about 4 times and it was over by just after midnight. I slept in her room on the floor just to be sure she was ok. So, the night was probably rougher for me since she slept and I didn't.

All I kept thinking was, "Please don't let me get this". I'm known for catching every single illness that comes into the house. Well, when a couple of days went by and I was fine, I breathed a sigh of relief.... HA! Thursday morning around 5am, I woke up and wasn't feeling so hot. By 6am when Gabriella got up(yep, 6am. She doesn't seem to be adjusting to the timechange at all), I knew it wasn't going to be good. I told Ferdy he'd better likely plan on not going to work. By 7:00am I was POSITIVE he wasn't going in. People, I wanted to die. I didn't get out of the bed(well, other than trips to the bathroom) until Friday morning. And even then, grandma came over to keep Gabriella busy and amused so I could lay on the couch. I finally began to feel human Friday afternoon.

UGH, let's hope that doesn't happen again anytime soon. I repeated that same scenario sometime last year and once a year is too much if you ask me!!


Lastly, the big announcement.....

I'm going on a mission trip with Global Orphan Team in March to Guatemala!!! I'm so excited (and also nervous!). I've been really wanting to go on a trip at some point and I'm stepping out in faith and doing it. This will be the first time I've travelled out of the country without Ferdy. He's always been a source of comfort, not to mention the best translator for my very limited Spanish!!! But, I will be surrounded by a great group of women and we are going to have a great time and hopefully make a difference in the lives of some of the orphans in Guatemala. Now that adoptions from the US have stopped, there are so many children there that face a bleak future.

Due to the excitement of the week, no pics. Sorry. I promise to try to take some this week.


Donna said...

Oh - I'm SO excited about your trip with Global Orphan team!! You go girl - that's very impressive!

I also love all your recent pics - both smiley and not-so-smiley!

Keep up the healthy vibes!

...and thanks again for being a wonderful SBP my first time around! It was awesome!

Leslie said...

ewwwwww you poor mommy!!! We always get what the kids have no matter what!!! Its rough being us! LOL

Congrats on the Mission trip im very happy for you! One day i would love to go just need to get some more $ saved!

Yes i saw that carseat deal on i will pass it around!


Laurie said...

OMG the Marathon is a HUGE deal! Hope you are feeling better now and stay that way! But most of all, congrats on the Mission trip. I so want to do that and I couldn't imagine better people to go with!

Sarah said...

LOL! Saw that the carseats are now sold out! Glad you got in on that deal!!

Hope you are on the upswing now... so sorry you were so sick!!

And, as for GOT trip! I am SOO jealous! Wish I could go again that soon! You all will have such a wonderful trip and I can't wait until the next one to go!!

Candy said...

Totally with you on the SICKNESS...and I can not deal with being sick...I am a HUGE BABY... I can't believe I missed out on the CAR SEAT...RATS....I know you will have a great time in Guatemala...HUGS

Kim said...

I'm so glad you guys are all feeling better. And I'll let you know this week if I'm going - I'm pretty sure I will be - just have to make sure I can take the days off of work!! :)

nikki said...

Yea I am sooooo excited for your mission trip!!!! You are going to be so glad you went.
So glad you are feeling better, stomach bugs are the worst!!!!

Michelle Smiles said...

Fabulous! (The trip not the illness)

Carrie said...

So sorry you have all been sick. I hope you are better. Yes, that is the WORST and once a year is TOO often.

We have that car seat too (two of them, one in each car). I got Savannah a booster seat for when the baby comes home and we are going to turn the Britax ones for the baby and give her a big girl one, since she will be big enough. I wonder if that was a mistake or just a very short deal. I don't see why they wouldn't honor it. You ordered it fair and square.

That is amazing that you are going to Guatemala with the Global Orphan Team. I would love to, but it isn't the right time for us. With Rich's new job and the adoption, things are too uncertain. I wouldn't travel without Rich. He wants to go too, but can't take off this year. I will live in a foreign country, but won't fly by myself. I really admire you.

Lastly, I got those pj's at a local (kind of, an hour away in Mystic, CT)boutique called Teddy Bearkins. I don't know if they have website. They have wonderful things. We usually only visit there in the summer, but if we head back that way around the holidays, I will see if they have anymore.

DJ Holly Rock said...

Yeah, for Guatemala!!! And YEAHHH for the car seats...I got TWO!!! We've been contemplating getting two for Zo's car but couldn't condone spending $600 and I wouldn't settle for anything less than a Britax. We are all set now! I haven't seen the inside of my husband's car in over two years!


I hope you guys are feeling better.

MMrussianadoption said...

that trip sounds awesome