Sunday, January 11, 2009

Big Girl, Park and GO Steelers!

Gabriella got her big-girl bed this weekend. Her crib converted to a toddler bed(she's been in for about 7 months) and then a full-size bed. She was sooooooooooo excited and hasn't stopped talking about her new bed. We had to rearrange the room since her room isn't that big.

Sigh.... my baby just isn't a baby any more.

Some pictures from the park yesterday.

Gabriella loves to wear her Steelers clothes and she gets so excited when we tell her she gets to put them on. Daddy is very happy that the Steelers won and Gabriella got to yell "Touchdown Steelers" lots today.

In other news, we're starting to have some success with potty training. She's getting pretty good about pee-pee and often will tell us before she goes in her diaper. Until a couple of days ago, she was telling me she had to go when she actually had already gone in her diaper. She went about 6 times today on the potty and is staying dry longer. But, definitely not to the point where I'm ready to try undies yet. And really, I need to just buckle down and stay in the house for a day or two and take her constantly and maybe it would go faster. Nighttime training will probably be a ways off since she is a heavy wetter at night. And I'm not ready to have her getting out of bed and going to the potty alone in the middle of the night. Though, she probably wouldn't since she really doesn't wake during the night.


Hannah said...

I love her new bed...and look how cute that little cheerleader is!! She is adorable!

Way to go with a big girl bed AND the potty. You are way ahead of us. I have no intentions of even trying to potty train yet...she is a wild child!

Leslie said...

What a pretty big girl bed miss G has!!! I think abby will be in her crib forever or until she figures out how to climb out! lol

She is sooo cute in her Steelers clothes just dont let the Cleveland Browns fans see her! lol

p.S sounds like she is doing great with potty training!!!! yeee haw!

Kerri said...

Yay for big girl beds and potty training!

Cameo said...

Love the pictures. She just looks so full of life, and from what you've told me, she IS full of life, haha. Love the looks of the big girl bed. Her room looks so soft and calming. Good luck with the potty training! Be sure to give me any tips.

Anonymous said...

Miss G,
Congrats on your Big Girl bed and potty training!!!!!!
Just you wait until I share this news w/ Shorty. She too will be sooooo proud of you!!!
Love ya bunches,
Auntie S

Al, before we know it she'll be wanting one of our drinks (Lounge Lizard, Happy Shopper, BOGO). Ahhhh!

Michelle Smiles said...

She looks so little in her bed! And so adorable in her cheerleader outfit. GO STEELERS!

Anonymous said...

We too live in Florida and are Steelers fans. We were yelling "Go Steelers and waving our terrible towels ALOT yesterday!!!

Congrats on the BIG girl bed and the potty training. WOW!! Keep up the good work. We too are potty training and she is actually doing really well, but mommy & daddy just can't stand the thought of a BIG girl bed yet!!!


Hugs & Many Blessings,
Tammy (Kayleigh's Mommy)

nikki said...

What an awesome bed.
Good job on the potty training, just like you I need to buckle down and stay home for a few days straight, to really get Liv potty trained for good.

LouLou said...

Her lines on her bed are precious, and she looks like such a big girl.... Good luck with the potty.... I can't even imagine when it's time to train these 2!

Laurie said...

I love all the pictures. She is always too cute! I think Gabriella and Bella had the same baby bed! Unfortunately, we didn't have room for a full size bed so I sold it! :( Hang in there on the potty training! She is doing good and it will all click soon!

MMrussianadoption said...

I am thinking about going and getting a bed for Livi. Her room is sooo small that i think we would need a toddler bed. i am so against those. i think they are a waste of money, but her room is like a closet. anything else, might not fit.