Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Beach Outing

I had a great Mother's Day at the beach yesterday. We went to an awesome place, Fort DeSoto south of St. Petersburg. The weather was great and Gabriella just loves the beach as much as her mommy and daddy do.

All ready to go! Are we there yet?

She couldn't even wait for daddy to take his shirt off before taking him down to the water.

First snow cone!


Amy S. said...

Getting soooooooooo big and soooooooooo pretty!
You do look like you had an awesome day!

Love and Hugs..

Leslie said...

OMG i love these pics!!!!!!!!!! Im jealous i want the ocean NOW!!!!


Connie said...

Ft. Desoto is a beautiful beach, we camped there once. Your images are great! The gulf coast is so much prettier then the Atlantic...bluck!

Laurie said...

What a fun mommy's day! Miss G is always beautiful, but you also take some awesome pictures! I'm trying, but my subject isn't cooperating! :)

Kim said...

LOVE the pics. Please tell Ferdy that his future son-in-law is making sure he will fit into the family. Alex is now dipping his Cheez Its in ketchup! :)

Hannah said...

Great pictures! I love the beach...and her little face on the beach just makes it even better :)

I hope you had a perfect Mothers day!

Jane said...

Beautiful photos, Alleen!
And you just can't beat the Gulf of Mexico beaches can you???

Muriel and Jerry said...

just catching up. I love all the pictures.