Friday, August 28, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday - Family

Since I've been neglecting the blog, Favorite Foto Friday will have lots of pics today.

Ferdy's mom and brother were in town last weekend and Gabriella thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

Abuela brought Miss G a tutu set with butterfly wings, a tiara, shoes and magic wand. Every waking moment that we are home, Gabriella has to wear it. She literally strips off whatever bottoms she has on the minute she wakes or walks in the house and puts it all on.

Our 3rd Forever Family Day was Monday. We kept it low-key this year and took Gabriella to the splash pad and had cupcakes at lunch to celebrate. It hardly seems possible that it's been 3 years already.


Will and Aileen said...

What beautiful pics of your family! Miss G is adorable at the splash pad!

Leslie said...

What special familia pics!!!! GREAT LOOKING FAMILY!!!

Love miss G in that tutu and Bing wnats one too i can tell!!! LOL

One Busy Momma said...

Great pics!!!

Love the little wink!

The tutu is great! Soo funny she wants to wear it all the time!

Also... Happy Family Anniversary!!!!

Rhonda said...

What beautiful family pictures. She is just beautiful and that tutu is just precious.

Melinda said...

Happy Family Day!!! Miss G is precious in her tutu! Looks just like a princess!


Pattie and Rob said...

Happy Forever Family Day!!!
She is just so adorable.

Pam Thomas said...

So cute! Love the wink. Miss G is really growing.

Robyn said...

Adorable pics!!

Hannah said...

Great pictures! Love the wings and tutu, that is so cute. Sophia has that swimsuit too and I think it is just THE cutest!!

Gardenia said...

those little high heels that she was wearing with the tutu are adorable. she looks like a little fairy in her tutu outfit with wings. Who WOULDN'T want to wear tht outfit all day long! and the photo of her winking is so sweet. she has a beautiful smile.

Carrie said...

Happy 3 years. It is amazing.

That tutu, shoes, and wings are a riot. Love Bing's expression too.

Crystal said...

Hiya!!! My dear sweet Alleen I have missed you!!!!!! Girl I have missed you!!! Thank you for not forgetting about me! smooches to you and Miss Gabriella!!!!

I have been on here actually a lot lately but I am just more of a lousy lurker these days!

Thank you so much for your encouragement Thank you from the bottom of my heart Thank you so much Alleen! xoxoxo

Now I have to tell you Miss Gabriella is one beautiful little girl!!!!!! She always look so "happy go lucky" in your pics! Does she ever get upset? I am serious she is such a beautiful little girl inside and out!

ps--Can you tell my buddy Bing I have missed him!!! :)

MMrussianadoption said...

congrats on 3 years. ours is coming up soon too. she got so big and is beautiful as always.