Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween and catchup

OK, time to play catchup on the pictures once again.

First up, Miss G helping mommy make some mini pumpkin cheesecakes. She was so excited to help me cook.

She had to show Tiggy how yummy it looked.

We went to a little art festival and Gabriella remembered having her picture taken by this fountain the last time we went to one here.

Fall Festival at Gabriella's school was last week.

Hayride - Florida style.

A little Hokey-Pokey action.

Some more pumpkin patch pictures.

Halloween this year was so much fun with Miss G since she was so into it and got it! I walked with her to the first door, told her she had to ring the doorbell, say "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank You". When we got to the next house, she told daddy and me "Wait here!" and wouldn't let us go with her to any more doors. By the time we got through about half of the neighborhood, her bag was so heavy she couldn't carry it any more.

The beautiful butterfly princess!

Showing off her wings.

She was so excited to have sparkly eye shadow and lip gloss!

I still need to post pics from our day at Downtown Disney with lots of Guatetots and friends. I'll save those for a separate post.


Pattie and Rob said...

Just Adorable!!

Leslie said...

its about DAMN TIME!! lol love all of them!

JuJu - said...

great pics:) NC is not that far - I'm just saying:)

Michelle Smiles said...

You have the cutest model!

Gardenia said...

great Fall activities. the baking must have been fun. and I love love her outfit.