Thursday, December 10, 2009

Visit with Santa

I took Gabriella to see Santa earlier this week. She was quite excited to go visit the big man in red!

She sat on his lap for quite a while and had quite the conversation with Santa. When she was done, Santa said she kept saying something about "no nannies in the house this morning". He wondered just what that was all about. I had to laugh!! We had run of bananas(otherwise known as "nannies") and she apparently thought that was newsworthy and proceeded to tattle on mommy to Santa. I guess she'd be happy if her stocking was filled with bananas, huh?! Do you think Santa will still think I've been nice and bring me presents?

And for fun, a little trip down memory lane.


Hannah said...

Those are great pictures. That picture of Santa whispering to her is priceless. Adorable.

Sophia does not like Santa (she doesn't like ANY characters) She screamed bad-guy when he tried to talk to her at a mall. She likes him from a distance but not up close.

I love that last picture...she obviously loved Santa even as a baby!!

Gardenia said...

I have to say, those are the best pictures I have seen with Santa -- on all the blogs i read. she is just delighting in him. and he is one authentic looking santa. can't believe she was smiling as a little one too -- I've not taken Flower to see Santa yet. this weekend we will go, and I can't imagine how she'll do, but I hope she reacts half as good as your girlie did! lovely -- they would make an awesom christmas card.

Kerri said...

Great pics!!!

Laurie said...

Aaah so great! I can't believe how much she loved sitting on his lap! Bella wants to wave from afar but not sitting on his lap. She told me Jingles (our Elf on the Shelf) would tell Santa what she wanted! :)

MMrussianadoption said...

Wow, it's the same Santa. She has grown into such a beautiful young lady. I knew she would be a heartbreaker. Merry Christmas