Saturday, February 11, 2006

Precious Cargo On-board

Well, the documents are safely tucked in their snug little Fed-Ex envelope and will be taking a plane ride or two to Dallas, TX to our agency. They are due to arrive Monday. It felt a little scary handing them over to the lady at the Fed-Ex counter. Such hard work and frustration getting every little signature right, every i dotted and t crossed properly. When I made some comment about how precious the documents were, the lady said, "Well, you could always resend new copies." Uh, no, you misunderstand!! These are originals that represent a couple of months of compilation.

What a long, butt-weary day of driving in the car! I so hate the Miami area. The traffic is a nightmare. It took us just under 4 hrs to get there(not including the requisite Cracker Barrell breakfast stop). If not for 50 miles of stop-and-go traffic, it would have taken less. We got to the Consulate around 11:00 and they had our documents authenticated in under 30 minutes. While we sat in the waiting area, I saw that there were two Guatemalan couples that had infant girls. I found myself staring at them imagining whether my little girl would look something like them or altogether different. I also felt pretty emotional realizing it won't be long at all before I can answer that question. It's starting to feel quite surreal.

We drove around the South Beach area for a bit and eventually had some lunch in a small Cuban restaurant somewhere in the North Miami Beach area. Then, it was back home. We got home a bit before 6pm.

So, now we wait.....


Kim said...

I can't believe how fast this is all going! I can't wait to see her precious face :) --Kim

Anonymous said...

One step closer. I told you about Miami. Did you see any elephants?

The waiting is killing us. I can not imagine how you and Ferdie feel about it.

Kevin and Kim

Anonymous said...

Oh Alleen!!!! This is really exciting!!! I can't believe the last time I saw you you were just talking about it. I hope it continues to go well.