Sunday, February 05, 2006

They just keep coming!

This morning I decided to check the FedEx tracking number for our documents when they are sent back to us from Tallahassee. I wasn't expecting anything and much to my surprise, they were already sent back to us Friday and we should have them tomorrow!!! I think I will do some kind of Adoption Dance (not to be confused with a rain dance as we had enough of that the last couple of days) that things continue along without hitches from here on out.

Oh, and I added a picture of Ferdy and I from our anniversary last Sept under my profile.

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Kim said...

Oh my gosh--how cute are you two?! It is amazing how everything is just falling into place for you. Kind of makes me think that this is exactly what was supposed to happen and that the princess who awaits you is exactly who you are supposed to be with. Sometimes I love the way the universe aligns things. I am still deliriously happy for you. -Kim