Saturday, July 08, 2006

July at the Doctor

Gabriella had her monthly checkup on Wednesday, July 5 and I received the report this evening. She is now up to 11lbs 10oz. We're so happy to see that she definitely seems to have recovered from her initial low weight issue.

The dr. reports that per the foster mom, she turns her head in response to sounds (especially voices) makes cooing noises of her own and shows a differentiated cry for her needs (now she'll have to teach us which cry is for which need!). She shows voluntary control of her arms and legs, alternates opening and shutting her hands and will also kick and push with her feet.

The pictures this time weren't the greatest(too close and poor lighting), so I leave you with a couple that show that million-dollar smile!


Tricia said...

OH, she is SUCH a cutie! I am SO EXCITED for you guys! I'm just starting out on this dreaded paper chase & seeing Gabriella's smile gives me the inspiration to keep pushing forward.

I actually love these photos & thought they were GREAT! She is gorgeous! :)

Sam said...

What a beauty. Those dimples just slay me!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at those sweet dimples!!! She is a doll!