Tuesday, June 19, 2007

15 Month Stats

Gabriella had her 15 month checkup today. She is now 22 lbs 2oz and is 31 1/2 inches tall!!! So far, she is staying on a curve where she is tall. hmmmmm.

Only one shot, so that made mommy happy. I forgot she already had her MMR at her 12 mo. checkup and thought that one was coming today.

I didn't get many pictures from our gathering on Saturday :-( There were a lot of people and kids everywhere on two levels of the house and outside. Total chaos and total fun!!!! Lots of yummy food. Since I haven't gotten permission yet to post the few pictures that have other kids, I'll just post a couple of Miss G.

This poor doggy. She just wanted to sleep(she never moved from this spot the entire day) and Gabriella kept going up to her and poking her.

The big kids had a blast on the water slide.

Gabriella is now learning to pull things up and sit or stand on them to get to things she can't otherwise reach. She pulls the cushions off of the couch and stands on them to try to get to the remote. In this case? Little pieces of play-doh. Well, at least it's non-toxic.

I'll post this pic since the little boy's face isn't showing. Poor little fellow. Gabriella kept taking his truck from him.

I was so surprised that Gabriella wore daddy's hat around for quite a while.

Enough of the hat!

Getting some tickles from daddy.

Everybody gets only one guess by the look on her face what she was doing in this picture. And no, I didn't intentionally take a picture of it!


John & Sarah said...

Alleen I can hardly wait to get our girls together when mine come home. Every time I look at your blog I just smile. Thank you for helping me inagine what it will be like when my girls get home.


MMrussianadoption said...

I love the pics of her in that hat. her smile is mesmorizing
My two little ones climb on everything too.

Shelby said...

I love the hat pictures...

ginger said...

She is getting so big!!! Love the last picture!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is so gorgeous, and getting so big!! I see some more familiar outfits! We have the same taste!! :>)
I have bene crazy busy and have been a bad blogger, so I am just now catching up. I love your new blog look. How did you do it?

Michelle Smiles said...

She is such a doll - and getting so big! The worldful blog world has allowed us all to watch her grow.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics, Al!

Between that dog in this pic and poor Bing I believe your girl may grow up to be a vet! I'd like that as we should get a family discount from her :-)

Auntie S

Anonymous said...

Hello Alleen. I am a lurker to your blog and have enjoyed following your journey. Your daughter is adorable with an absoultely contagious smile! I live in Orlando and brought my daughter Mia home from Guatemala in Oct. '06. She will turn 2 on Sat. 6/23. I have never posted on your blog before, but when I saw that you belong to a local group who have adopted internationally, I wondered if you would be able to share the info with me. I am very interested. I do not have a blog, but do have a website with pix of my 2 kiddos. The address is www.thewittmans.com. My email is akw@jdwebsites.com. I have been looking for a local group and thought this was a perfect chance! Thank you! Ali

Ellie Puls said...


She has a smile that you can never get enough of!

Her and Angelena are on the same track for weight and height!


Carrie said...

Love the one with the big smile with daddy's hat on backwards. Just priceless.

We went to the dr. yesterday and Savannah was 23 lbs. 7 oz and 31 inches. She only needed on vaccination too and I was relieved after she got 3 at 12 months. Our healthy beautiful girls! Can't wait to get them together!

The Carroll's said...

Great timing on the last pic! Looks like she had a great day. Love that beautiful smile!


Kelly said...

LOL on the last one...and she is simply adorable. Beautiful little girlie!!!!

Nicole H. said...

You have our permission to post pics of Landon if you wish or if you have any :) They got along pretty good too and it was nice to see someone give him a run for his money when it comes to trucks :) It was nice meeting you guys and hopefully we will see at the next gathering!

Nicole H.