Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Splish Splash

Yesterday, Gabriella and I went to one of the Disney World resorts to meet Sarah and Mark at the end of their Disney vacation. We did a little swimming in the pool and as always Gabriella just loved it! She really has no fear, which is both good and bad. She will jump right off the step with no regard. Water in the nose? Cough, cough. Can we do it again??????

And here are a few more from this week.

Will the drool never end?????? She has at least 4 or 5 teeth coming in right now, maybe more.

This is the closest she will get to a Brighton "bag" until she saves her allowance and buys one herself - ha ha!


Farrah said...

Bing is never far away...They are so cute together and Ummmm Sarah I bet it was great seeing her again. Madisyn loves the pool too..

ginger said...

Love the pictures. Looks like you guys had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Al and G,
Thank you so very much for making the drive to Disney to meet up w/ Mark and me. We enjoyed our time w/ you.
Wish Ferdy and Mark could have met. Next time!
Love ya,


What a beautiful girl! How old is she?

Thanks for helping me with a fix for my addiction!

Crystal said...

okay I really feel like I know you because this time I knew who Sarah was!!! I don't know who Mark is but hey that is okay!!! :O) hee hee!!!

I am cracking up about Gabriella being so fearless!!! She cracks me up! --And the Brighton bag aaah a girl after my own heart!! (I LOVE LOVE handbags!)

What is Bing doing? He is too funny!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you give him a hug from the President of his Fan Club!!!

Carrie said...

Fudgie and Savannah do the through the kitchen chair thing too. So cute.

Right now they are happy with the shopping bag.

Will you come visit us when we come to Disney? How close are you? We are planning the second week in January. We'd LOVE to meet you.