Monday, September 24, 2007

Come Out, Come Out SBP

So, I know my SBP was Nicole. But, I'm not sure it's one of the blogs I follow. So, if you're reading, let me know how to find you and thank you :-) And to commemorate the reveal day, I got a sweet card in the mail from her today.

Thanks for the little pick-me-ups in the mail every week!! :-)


Nicole said...

Here I am! :)

It was so nice to discover your blog through SBPs! I love seeing little ones that are already home - I've still got awhile...

Gabriella is so precious and you have a beautiful family!

Take care,

Crystal said...

Hey from the bottom of myheart Thank you soooo much for your support!!!!!!!! It means the world to me!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo