Sunday, September 23, 2007

Social Butterfly

We had a busy weekend. Gabriella had birthday parties both Saturday and Sunday.

Can you tell she missed her nap?

Cake twice in one weekend - yummy!! She is soaked both from sweat and rain. She was so filthy from running around and falling in the puddles and mud we had to strip her down to her diaper for the ride home. Daddy had to sit in the back and do everything under the sun to keep her awake for the ride home so she could get a nap. If she falls asleep in the car for even 5 minutes, so won't go down again once we get home.

Steelers are #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!

What am I supposed to do with this towel?

Wear it as a scarf?

Ohhhhhh, I'm supposed to wave it around. OK!

There's that famous smile!!!

Hey, who's that cool chick in the mirror??

Do you think she could possibly get anything else on her arms??? Three purses and a ring stacking toy. She loves to do this. And when she's done, she'll bring it all over and put it on my arms. She cracks me up.


Andrea said...

SO cute! well something must be working for Ferdy's beloved Steelers :) K. fell asleep before the Bronco's game (which they lost, boo hiss) so he didn't get to wear his jersey. Next week, for sure!

Love all the pictures-and love love love that smile!!

Anonymous said...

She's too precious!
Sounds like a very fun weekend! Maya does the same thing with naps in the's like the 5 minute nap somehow refreshed her! We avoid car sleeping like the plague if we hope for a nap at home!! Funny! Thought Maya was crazy like that!

Tricia said...

I love all of her accessories on her arm!!

So sweet!

Bobbi said...

We get lucky with Reese. He can fall asleep and go right to his crib. But, I still don't do it often, you never know when the cycle will break.

She is a typical woman. Lots of stuff in her arms at once. She looks like me leaving the house!!

Love the famous smile!!

Anonymous said...


You really know how to wear a pointy hat well!

Love ya! Auntie S

Farrah said...

She is a doll baby....Her and her purses crack me up...

Have fun this weekend, And if you have room I would love to sneek into your suitcase.

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

She is sooooo cute!! Love that smile. My fav is the towel as a scarf. Sounds like a great weekend.

Bekah said...

she is so dang cute in that little jersey. her smile is so classic.

Carrie said...

She will wear lots of bracelets one day! They are SO funny.

I see there was a car nap in there. That is the ONLY place Savannah will nap, unless she just crashes. I did the nap loop after food shopping today and she is in the car napping right now (the only way I get to blog and comment).

Love the little Steelers fan--the biggest little fan, huh? She looks like she is having fun, fun, fun.

We had one birthday party this weekend. Guess it is a busy time of year for birthdays. We have 2 parties next weekend--a 3 year old and my mother-in-law.

Crystal said...

hey you!!!!!! I miss you!!!!!!!! Gabriella is gorgeous!!!!!!! I just love that smile!!!!!!!! When I was looking at your pictures I was thinking ooh she is becoming such a beautiful GIRL --Alleen all of our babies are becoming little girls!!! Where has the time gone?!!!

My sweet Sophie girl does the same thing if she falls asleep in the car even for five minutes she won't go down either! Why is that? :O)

MMrussianadoption said...

First off my Olivia is the same way about falling asleep in the car and coming home and napping. Kevin is the same way about collecting stuff and I have video to proove it. Your pictures are adorable as always. But you really need to get that girl into some green jerseys. Go Jets!

nikki said...

Don't you hate trying to keep them up in the car. I will do everything short of letting Liv drive, just to keep from messing up a nap.
Love her in that little jersey!!

Muriel and Jerry said...

seriously, I love that girl and her purses. The Steeler outfit is cute too.

Sarah said...

I just love checking in to see what Miss Maya is doing! She is one gorgeous little baby!!

Sarah and Sophie~Bug

Kelly said...

What a beautiful little party girl!!!!! :)

If Kemry falls asleep in the car our whole day revolves around that nap because everyone is instructed not to make a peep, touch her, or stop the van until she wakes up on her own! LOL

Tera said...

Hello Alleen!

What a BEAUTY...truly...and, NO personality. *wink wink* I made Pollo en Pina tonight. :) It was really good...very subtle and tasty. I think I will include it in the dishes that I will make for Emma's party. I found many versions of it on the web but they are all pretty much the same as the recipe that you posted. Thanks! God bless. said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Awww... she is too cute for words! Especially her $1 million smile! =)