Monday, November 19, 2007

What a Difference a Year Makes

Gabriella went to see Santa today. It was not the same experience as last year. Last year, she smiled and giggled and was enthralled with Santa. This year? I sat her down in his lap and she started crying and holding her arms out for me. She stopped crying for 2 pictures(but no smile) and then I had to sit down with her on my lap and Santa beside us(they have a BIG chair for just that reason!). They did get one big smile from her, but they couldn't crop me out of it enough. When Santa gave her a toy at the end, she threw it on the ground. He gave it to her again and down it went. Guess that summed up her thoughts on the whole thing. I'm running out of Christmas card possibilities!

I give you a sampling from last year(I bought the CD since they were all so good!):

And the best I could get this year(the quality isn't so hot since it's a scanned pic):


MMrussianadoption said...

I wonder if I will get any good pics from my two. They never look at the same time.

Sarah said...

I am so jealous! All of Sophie's pictures with Santa have had screams and tears! That one from last year of her looking into Santa's eyes though is picture perfect!

Hugs to Miss G from Sophie Bug!


Candy said...

Ok last years SANTA PICS ROCK...OMG Kya was SCREAMING her head off...even today we just stopped to look at him and she held on to me for DEAR LIFE....And I love that SANTA LOOK....much less scary

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

I must get Maya's scanned and posted. Maya was screaming her head off.

Our Family of 5 said...

You guys are all brave...I didn't take Sophia just because we were walking through the mall and had a major meltdown when she seen him from far away...LOL
Miss Gabriella is as beautiful as always!

Kim said...

That's actually not a bad picture!! I'm afraid Alex is going to do the exact same thing this year.

nikki said...

I think this years picture came out great!!!
That Santa is awesome!!!!!!

Carrie said...

Yes, a toddler is MUCH different than an infant. She does look like a precious baby doll last year. Wow!

I like the good one you got. She looks very pretty!

We are going next week for our holiday card pictures.

Lisa said...

How adorable! They are definitely growing up too fast. Did you tell Santa to put away the tan in a bottle? Even though he is in FL, Santa is suppose to be pasty white!

The McKenzie Crew said...

You KNOW- her Christmas pic was My FAV last year - and that is the yummiest Santa ever!

I hope you guys ahve a great Turkey Day!


Anonymous said...

3 - Happy second of many Thanksgivings together!

Auntie S

Will and Aileen said...

Found your blog from someone else's! Your daughter is beautiful and I love the Santa pictures from both years!
waiting for Ariana

Muriel and Jerry said...

So she is not smiling, it is still really cute. She has grown so much.