Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mid-Week Catchup Post

Once again. Long time no post.

This past weekend we got together with some families that are a part of an adoption group we belong to. We met at a beautiful park and hung out and had a picnic/barbeque. I didn't get too many pictures since chasing Gabriella is a full-time job.

Some of the kids feeding the ducks.

Hanging out with daddy.

Learning how to ride the tricycle.

Gabriella and her buddy Mia from Guatemala getting a wagon ride from Mia's big brother Ty.

A wagon full of cuteness.

Gabriella's latest? She doesn't like to keep her pants on.....

The other day during her nap, she did some fingerpainting all over the crib with the contents of her diaper. Oh what fun.

Here she is today, determined not to keep them on.

And I leave you with proof that no, she is not always smiling... trust me.


MMrussianadoption said...

i walked in the other morning to olivia's pajamas unzipped and her standing there holding out her diaper to me. thankfully she hadnt peed or pooped on the bed.

yuck, what a clean up.

Tricia said...

oh sweetheart - I remember those days with Victoria - YIKES! Must be a sign of brillance or something, right??!


Just so you know - I had to routinely put Victoria in her pajamas BACKWARDS during her nap so she shouldn't unzip them & take them off for artwork....

Just a thought....

Carrie said...

We've missed you. Love the wagon full of cutenss--it is indeed!

So sorry about the mess. I am praying Savannah never does that. Her pants are staying on, but she obesessed with picking up her shirt and looking at her belly button. Back to onesies.

I won't take hysterical crying photos. Too sad. Poor Gabriella and Mommy! I just read something that said a toddler having a tantrum in front of you is a compliment because they are not afraid to share their emotions with you. I am no sure I am flattered.

N & D said...

looks like so much fun!!

Sharon & Bill said...

Oh boy.....I am so not looking forward to the 2 year old stage.

Love the pictures though. She is pure cuteness!!


Kim said...

I also pray that Alex never decides to get creative in his crib. :) But I have to say that Miss G is cute - even when she is screaming. :)

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

Oh gosh-is that diaper painting trick what's coming my way? I've heard these horror stories and dread this happening in my house. Ugh!! You can bet if it happens I'll be posting about it though.....Yikes. Good luck on that one.

Becca said...

I have a streaker, too. Thank goodness Ella isn't a painter. I love the wagon full of cuteness!

Peace and Hugs,

nikki said...

I just walked in this morning to artwork in the crib, ughhhh the clean up!!
Miss G looks like she's doing very good on the tricycle, and the wagon full of cuteness, so sweet!!

Our Family of 5 said...

She is beautiful even crying!