Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged - Eight Cute Things Miss G Says

Ellie tagged me a while back and I'm finally doing it!!!! I'm to list 8 cute things that Gabriella says.

1. Nannie, nannie, yellow nannie - This is what she screams every morning when she wakes up until you give her a banana. That girl LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her nannies. Ferdy gets her up in the morning and he gives her a banana. Sometimes, he lets her into the bedroom where I'm attempting to sleep just a little more and she will walk up to the side of the bed and yell "Nannie" in my ear. Well, good morning to you too!

2. Yogie, yogie, yogie - If she's not screaming for a banana, she wants yogurt!

3. Big hug - Whenever I want a hug, I always say "Big hug". So, now she comes up and holds her arms out and says "Big Hug". I'll never say no to that one. She says it to Bing too as she's practically strangling him.

5. Toot, toot- She says this when she, um, passes gas. It's pretty funny and she always acts so surprised. After she does it, she says "I sorry", though we're trying to teach her "Excuse me".

6. I see you! - She loves to play peek-a-boo and say this from behind a book or her hands or something.

7. Gabba - This is her name according to her!

8. Go Go Go - This is what she says when she wants to watch Beatles videos(which is all the time) because of the line "You say stop and I say go, go, go" from Hello, Goodbye.

And some pictures from the last week.

Someone got into the stickers....

She's trying to get Kera out from under the table.

I put her hair up in a ponytail the other day. She still needs quite a bit more to pull this look off!


Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

The picture of Miss G and the cat looking out the window is classic.

Michelle Smiles said...

Too cute!

Kerri said...

That girl is just too darn cute!
Kerri and Ruby

Farrah and Jed said...

Alleen how could she be any cuter? She is a doll...

BTW where did you get the blow up bed things..HOW NICE ARE THEY

Carrie said...

All around cuteness! Love the things she says!

Adorable pictures. I have been trying to do ponytails too, but I can't get all those wisps of hair up yet. It is so fine and silky.

Sharon said...

Great pictures!!! That smile is contagious!!
I love her hair!!