Sunday, June 01, 2008

Week Recap

Well, we had a nice week with daddy off from work! We went to Sea World and to St. Augustine and had a nice time, despite the heat. Gosh, it's going to be a hot summer if this is any indication.

We went to the Elmo & Friends show at Sea World and Gabriella loved seeing them all up close and life-size!

Checking out the pelican.

A little fashion icon, don't you think????

She had a blast running in the water misters.

OK mom, let's go and change my diaper...

We were lucky enough to happen on the Clydesdale's just as they were getting harnessed up and ready to head out. Talk about majestic animals. They are so big in person and the pictures just can't capture that.

And we decided this has to be the most unenviable job there. As Ferdy put it, "Driving the poop Zamboni". I have to admit, I've never seen this before.

We really didn't take pictures in St. Augustine. We did stop at the beach on the way out to stick our toes in the sand and water and Gabriella enjoyed that. She kept calling it a pool. Mighty big pool!

And just some other cute pics from the week.

And lastly..... sigh... I knew it was coming. But, I really thought we had more time. The toddler bed. You might recall she had climbed out of her crib late last year and was having fits at nap time. Well, for a couple of months, she napped in the pack-n-play and then I was able to get her back in the crib for naps and nighttime. She's been fine for quite a while now and no more escapes.

We had some friends over today and had put Gabriella down for her nap. We were outside by the pool and had all just come inside. Suddenly, Gabriella's door opened and out she walked..... We took her in her room and put her in her crib and asked her how she got out. She promptly hiked her body right up on the side and over. So, we knew we better go ahead and do it before she gets hurt.

Amazingly, she went right to sleep tonight. And it's still light out when she first goes to bed. So, I'm praying naps aren't a problem either, though I suspect that might not be the case. Of course, no more 20-30 minutes of staying in bed after she wakes up unless we want her room rearranged.
I expect a lot of this.

But, maybe I will be surprised and the transition will go smoothly. I must say, we have been BLESSED in the sleep department. She has slept through the night(at least 11 hrs) since the first night home at 5 1/2 months and with only a few occasional periods of a few days of naptime issues, she is an excellent napper too(she still naps 2-3 hrs a day). I think that's why I was so dreading this. I don't want to upset the great thing we have going. I've been spoiled.

A rare treat for Bing. He doesn't get to spend much time in her room, so he zonked out in the chair while the bed transformation was occurring.

Hey Bing, you look too comfortable here.


Type (little) a said...

We had the same concerns about the big girl bed.

Sabrina was similar in the sleep dept and she did fine. Don't worry, it won't kill you, you'll just wish it would, LOL

Shelby said...

Oh guess wht- we are very close to that same transformation over here. The difference is she knocks on her door so you will come let her out. Our babies are growing up...

nikki said...

Good luck with the new sleeping arrangments. She looks like such a big girl sitting in her big girl bed!!!
Love the pics on the beach, and Miss G's sun suite is just too cute!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

OOOh the toddler bed....That's a big day. I cried when I took the side of Mackenzie's crib. I know, I'm a sap. But it just seems like they aren't in it very long. Good luck. Let us know how it went tomorrow.

Amy S. said...

Was wondering where you were! Ok..Ms. G is to cute in that polka dot dress. Aren you sad that there is no more crib? I know I will be when Jonathan transitions. I think that is the beginning of the end of the baby stage..if that makes

Love and Hugs....

Muriel and Jerry said...

I swear I have never seen her wear the same outfit twice. She is such a fashionista. Great shots.

JuJu - said...

OH - why do they have to grow up????

LOVE the pics! So glad you guys had a nice time:)


Tera said...

Oh golly. Emma has been flinging her leg up and over the side of her crib but she cannot make it over. I am very nervous about her getting hurt (she has a hardwood floor in her room). We have also been spoiled because for months, Emma has been sleeping sooooooo well. And, I dread turning our very short bedroom routine into a long, drawn out one because of Emma hopping out of bed. Emma is soooooo busy (I think that you know a thing or two about busy kids *smile and wink*) and I am worried about her NOT going to sleep. Anyway, I'm rambling... I hope that the toddler bed thing will continue to go well at your house!!

P.S. LOVE the cute, longer, flippy hair!! CUTE!!!!

God bless.

Candy said...

SO GLAD YOU POSTED ABOUT SEA WORLD. I had no idea they had an ELMO SHOW...Thanks for that info! Miss G and the big girl bed are too cute...NO WAY am I letting Kya Blu loose yet...haha

Candy said...

Ok I am sure you wre in ORLANDO...but the web site has no info on the ELMO it new?

Corey said...

SHE looks so much different...when did I see you 2 weeks ago? Gosh she looks even more gorgeous in that polka dot dress

Nan & Dan said...

She is just getting so big! Happy to hear the transition went so well. Looks like you had a great time on vacation :)

Carrie said...

I am catching up by reading backwards!

Looks like a super fun week with Ferdy off. What gorgeous weather, fun days, and of course your beautiful princess. Looks like you all had a wonderful week.

She looks very happy in her toddler bed.

Hannah said...

Hi, what a cutie you have!! I love the flag outfit at the beach. Where did you find it??