Friday, August 29, 2008

Talk Amongst Yourselves

We're off to the beach tomorrow and we'll be back in a week. Well, that is unless Hurricane Gustav has other plans.... We're going to the FL Panhandle and it's definitely likely to not be very pretty for a couple of days, but hopefully it won't be too close for comfort. We'll keep a close watch on things and pray we don't drive 8+ hours only to turn around and come home. So, if everyone could say a little prayer... And while you're at it, pray that Hanna doesn't head towards Central FL while we're gone or we'll end up back home early to deal with that..... ugh. Somebody smack me if I plan another beach vacation in the middle of hurricane season.

I'm not bringing a laptop or anything, so I won't be blogging. But, I'll be sure to take tons of pics.


Rhonda said...

Stay SAFE and hope you have an awesome trip.

Stacy said...

Just found your blog. You daughter is too cute!!!


Jane said...

Should we be looking for you at Pier Park? Or maybe the Commons? Hope our clouds and rain didn't ruin your trip!

Amy S. said...

Have a wonderful trip Aleen.I will be thinking of you.
I sure hope these hurricanes just pass up by. Geeze!
See you in a week!

Love and Hugs...

Candy said...

Hope you have a GREAT VACA...WE have been on VACA and the resort we were at in TX...was FULL of LA EVACS from the storm. I love Miss G's first day of School Pics....I really can't wait to see you all in a few weeks at gfest...I am starting a new blog...CELEBRATION OR BUST...I will send you an invite when I get it up and running. I guess you can tell by the name of the BLOG that you are getting new neighbors...hehe


Carrie said...

Have a safe trip and I hope miss the storms and have some fun.

Drive safely and enjoy!

Prayers and hugs to you!

Maria and Family said...

Cant wait to hear how your trip was :) We had some wind from Gustav but not too bad. Need some Miss G pics ;)

Becca said...

Can't wait to see the pics! And I love the haircut post.

Peace and Hugs,