Monday, October 20, 2008

Carnival Fun

We took Gabriella to a church festival/carnival yesterday and she had a blast. They had an area with a few kiddie rides and she immediately wanted to ride everything.

Good thing mommy is short and can fit in those little cars with her.

We then asked her if she wanted to get something painted on her face and she did. I wasn't sure she would sit still, but she did great! She got a pumpkin to match her outfit. Not the best pumpkin, but what do you want for buck? And she didn't care, so that's all that matters. What I didn't count on was traumatizing her when I wiped it off before her nap. I didn't want the paint to come off on her sheets and stuff. Oh my. As soon as I started wiping, the tears came. oops. Then today, she saw the tissue in the trash with the paint on it and she pointed at it and said "My punkin".

Gabriella kept asking to ride the dragon rollercoaster. I wasn't sure what she would do once it started since it went pretty fast and was very loud. But, she smiled the entire time, even when mommy got slammed into her every time on one particular corner.


Anonymous said...

So cute! I wish we could have gone! We'll have to catch it next year. Funny about the pumpkin.


Donna said...

I am SO in love with Gabriella!! Could she be any stinkin' cuter! And does she ever not smile! Oh - the comments you all must get everytime you're in public!!

She sure did have herself some fun! And I love the "my pumpkin story!"

LouLou said...

Have you seen the blog??? I am selling 10 Custom outfits.... I only have 2 left, and you said to let you know when I was going to start selling....

Leslie said...

That looks like fun!!!!! Im a bad mommy i havent taken abby on any rides like that!!! Shhh dont tell her what she's missing! LOL


Kim said...

She looks like she had a great time - how cute!!! And the pumpkin story - that is precious.

Anonymous said...

Al, I have a feeling Miss G will have a Tattoo before she's out of high school. LOL!

Autie S

MMrussianadoption said...

I was going to say to get her the kiddie tatoos. taht way they wont come off on sheets and they last several days. get a pack of them. also, her hair is getting super long. I wish Olivia's would grow

Carrie said...

How precious. How sad about the pumpkin on her face. Savannah got a moon and stars one day and a pumpkin the next, but couldn't care less when I wiped it off. She did keep looking in the mirror though right after they did it.

She is all smiles on those rides. When they are older we have to come to FL and they can go fast, spin, and upside down together. I always get jammed in with her too, because Rich gets motion sickness even on the merry go round.

Looks like you had a great day and she looks beautiful, as always. Love the outfit and matching bows.