Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

Today, Gabriella and I made cookies for Santa. This was the first time I was brave enough to let her really help me in the kitchen.

First, we mix, mix, mix....

Then, we try to taste it before mommy stops us....

Then, we decorate ....

Snuck an M&M in.... yummmm.

These are four that she decorated all by herself, so they are the ones for Santa.

She was a wild woman at church tonight and it was hard to get a good pic of her in her dress.... And she had just had her hands in her mouth so I see that she has drool all over her mouth and dress. I thought we had passed that stage, but she has been terrible about having her hands in her mouth again lately. And I had bought nice silver sparkly shoes to go with the dress. I got them about a month ago and they fit. Tonight?? Too small. Her feet have barely grown at all in the last year and in the last few weeks, I've noticed her shoes getting tighter. So, we went with black shoes.

Daddy and Gabriella lit the candles during the service.

As always, our attempts at a family shot are never very successful.....

Putting our cookies and milk out for Santa. It's hard work delivering all those presents you know.

When I opened the door tonight to let my mom out, I found this on our doorstep..... Awwww, how sweet.

And I just had to share this last picture. It doesn't really show well in the picture, but can you see what there is an imprint of on this cookie???? It's a paw print. Bing's paw print to be specific. Right as we were getting ready to do the cookies he jumped from one kitchen counter to the island and landed on one of the cookies. Thank goodness I was able to basically catch him before he took the entire batch out. He might not be here tonight if he had.


Kerri said...

What a big girl...making and decorating cookies! Have a great Christmas!!!

Leslie said...

OMG she is soooo cute in the kitchen!!!! Those cookies look darn good!!!!!

Alleen that dress is perfect of course your girl is perfect in it!!!!

Have a merry Christmas love,Leslie

Cameo said...

I know I say this all the time, but seriously Alleen, she is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the dress and love the jammas. Hope Santa brings her everything she wants.... naughty or nice, lol.

Amy S. said...


I love this post!
First and most important...I LOVE Gabriella You can not really see it unless you make the picture bigger. It is so pretty...and if you are like me..I would have been mad because the gray shoes did not fit. Grrr! I know big deal..right? :)

So sweet making the cookies. Looks like it was an easy task..everything looks like it stayed clean. :)...and Bing putting his foot in a cookie..You know I think that's a hoot..since we love our cat "Max" here. That Bing has the neatest personality.

I figured out that you are Lutheran...because you have the same advent wreath, the same decorations on your church tree, and I think I see a green we do at our church. We are Lutheran too!

Hope you have a wonderful day with Ms. G. Enjoy these years with a little one and Santa...I cannot tell you how fastttttttt they go.

Love and Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Paw print by Bing. Love it!

Merry Christmas!

Auntie S

Anonymous said...

Oh no! All that work and the shoes didn't fit! At least you got a picture, I didn't even get a picture of Samantha last night :( I'm impressed you let Gabriella help with cookies! I try to avoid messes at all cost, LOL! Great pictures!


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Love the cookies. Maya loves to cook. She has several aprons of her on. I can't cook anything without her help. I love it!!!

MMrussianadoption said...

how did you get her to keep in that headband? super cute. merry everything

Robyn said...

What beautiful pics!! I love her dress!! Looks like she did a great job with the cookies--YUM!!