Saturday, December 20, 2008


Today we got together with the fabulous Kya and Jagger (oh and their mommy and daddy too!) and went to the ICE display at the Gaylord Palms hotel. We had a blast in the frigid(9 degrees) winter wonderland. Surprisingly, I really wasn't cold other than my face. By the end, Gabriella was saying she was cold though. But, she kept wanting to take her mittens off and touch the ice.....

I tried to get some pics, but it was crowded and my camera is acting up lately and the focus keeps messing up.

Don't you love Miss G in her Lou-Lou creation?? We got lots of compliments on her pants at the hotel.

That's my girl.... messing up the fake snow outside the exhibit.

Of course, it was next to impossible to get a picture of the two girls together!

You can't tell, but this is Kya coming down the ice slide. Funny story about Kya and the slide. Candy had gone down first and I was up at the top with Kya and Gabriella. Well, Kya slid just a little bit and then stopped right at the top. We couldn't get her to push off or wiggle to get moving. She sat laid there as still as could be. Apparently, the ice is so slippery though that the guy couldn't step onto it to get her, so he had to stttttttttttretch and finally got hold of her parka and pulled her back up. She then got a good push and down she went.

And here comes Miss G. She had a blast and would have gone down it over and over. But, we had reservations for brunch and didn't have time to wait in the line multiple times.

And of course, I had to have some fun too!

This pic is all fogged up because we had just come in from the cold into the heat and humidity and my lens was fogged. But, it was too cute not to post.

Mrs. Clause came to visit at the brunch.

These last pics are some that were really out of focus. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Are they not the cutest together?????

As you can see, Kya wasn't exactly too sure of the exuberant Miss G and her besos.

Got a smile from Jagger!

She is just gorgeous!!


Amy S. said...

Yes...they are cute together..What else can I say!
Cute, Cute, Cute!

Love and Hugs..and Happy Holidays!

Sarah said...

Oh, what fun it is to be... Gabriella, Kya and Jagger!!

Looks like a fun day together with some gorgeous guate tots!

Miss G is stylin in her Christmas outfit!

LouLou said...

Preciouso! Miss G. looks amazing in her Loulou outfit!

Leslie said...

awwww what a cool Hotel!!! IM jealous!!!!

Miss G and Kya are just sooooo pretty!!! Yikes wait till they are teens!!!


Candy said...

YOU BEAT ME....Heck we just got to the room and its 1am....we took long naps and then went to Downtown Disney to SANTA SHOP. We had so much fun getting to hang out with you all again. I totally stole some of your Pictures off of here...I love the one of Kya with her hand under her chin...I always try to get that shot and miss it. It was fun getting to see Miss G in action...Dirt digging and flower picking...and I can laugh because Jagger was TIED down in the stroller...HA! So glad we got to Experience ICE together...and Kya wants to say Thanks to Miss G for the Fuzzy Snowman...she is sleeping with now.

HUGS...and COME ON girl you have to do Magic Kingdom with us for the girls BDAYS...Oh and my Hubby feels really bad he was fetching our car and did not get to say bye

Stacy said...

Wow! That place looks AMAZING!
The kids look so adorable together!

Merry Christmas,

Kim said...

LOVE the pictures. And I'm seriously gromming Alex to fall in love with Miss G. I want that beautiful spit-fire as my daughter-in-law. :)

Michelle Smiles said...

So cute! They look like Carla's Emma and my Sabrina when they met - Emma wanted to hug and kiss and Sabrina but Sabrina wasn't sure what she thought about that.

And love the outfit by Lou! I am going to stash away a little cash here and there and get the girls outfits one of these days and never tell Steve what they cost!

Laurie said...

OMG those are adorable! How much fun to do Disney with the Rock Star party family! Hee hee!

MMrussianadoption said...

do you all have matching jackets or do they lend those out? very cute pics. looks like all had a great time

Lisa said...

That looks really neat & fun! Didn't the slide freeze your hiney? I can't believe Miss G's hair!! You have to send me the link to where you bought that outfit!
Merry Christmas!!

Our Family of 5 said...

Look how cute they all are. Love the pictures of the girls together. Just adorable!!

Merry Christmas!!

Maria and Family said...

LOVE the Gaylors Palms!! We have stayed there many time, it is great with the ice show :) I love the pic of Miss G kissing Kya ,,how sweet they are ! Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I AM sending out a Christmas card I promise! (late heehee)

nikki said...

Looks like so much fun!!!
The ice festival looks so cool!!!

Carrie said...

Just adorable. I love Gabriella all bundled up . She looks adorable. The ice is amazing.

I love her LouLou original and the photos of Miss G and Kya are precious. They look so cute together.