Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mission Trip - Can You Help?

It's hard to believe, but one month from today I leave for Guatemala. It's going to be one of the most exciting things I've ever done.

I'm going to try to pack as light as I can for the trip and save space in my suitcases to bring down some needed donations. Here is a list of some things that are needed. If anyone would like to contribute even just one or two of these items, it would really help. To be really frank and honest, the trip itself is not inexpensive for me and so as much as I'd like to load up on all these things, I really can't do it all myself.

Powdered milk
OTC meds (like Tylenol, Motrin,etc).
First aid items
Huggies Good nights (Large & XL) large
Closed-toed shoes

Things like diapers and wipes are pretty bulky and/or heavy, so I probably won't be able to pack too many of those.

If anyone would rather just donate a little bit of money and save shipping items to me, I would be happy to go out and purchase the items. I will post a list on my blog of exactly what I buy with any money donated. I can take a check or if you want to donate via PayPal, I'll cover the fees and still buy the full amount in supplies.

My email is alleensantana @ yahoo .com (remove the spaces).

Thanks in advance!


Jane said...

I'll pay pal a little $$ to you now. Take lots of photos to share with us!

Alleen said...

Thank you Jane!!!!!!!!


Are you going to be in Guatemala City for any length of time?
Hiper Paiz is a large Walmart like Grocery Store that will have the Diapers and Wipes you seek.
They have a Price Mart that is just like a Costco. Exactly the same products.
Price points were relative or the same price as in the USA.
I just have never been on a Mission Trip and I wonder why everyone always tries to pack all the stuff in when they have the stuff in Guatemala City? KWIM...
Now, when I fostered, We still had Rob bring Diaper Rash Cream, Baby Bottle Inserts (I did those one playtex inserts), Baby Motrin and Baby Tylenol. But, by Month 3 when I got hooked up with good drivers and some experience in Guatemala. I realized that most things are available. Now, I understand Mission Trips don't have time for shopping. But, You would only need 1-2 hrs of combing the Hiper Piaz and it is really close to the Airport Area and very secure too.

Just an FYI and a question.
Thanks, Jennifer S.
BTW-However you do it, the service is necessary and you are doing the RIGHT THING. I wish I could afford to come with you!

Michelle Smiles said...

A month?!? Wow. I that came up so quickly (she says from the sidelines LOL). Excited for you!

Alleen said...

Thank you Michelle!!

Alleen said...

Thank you Nikki!!!

Alleen said...

Thank you Matt and Jenny!

Maria and Family said...

You are so awesome to do this! Someday I would love to join you :) btw the pics your friend took are awesome !! I would love to donate but I am adoption/donation to ethiopia poor :( Thanks for your kind words :)

Maria and Family said...

know what ? I am gonna send you a little something, buy what you need. It is for the guatemala after all :) :)

Alleen said...

Thank you Maria!!

Connie said...

For some odd reason, I received a few cans of Similac (do they know something I don't?) in the mail the other day. They're yours!

Alleen said...

Thanks Connie!