Thursday, February 05, 2009

Spread Some Love for Valentine's Day

My mission trip to Guatemala is fast approaching! Because of the tight baggage restrictions, we won't be able to carry lots of extra bags of donations down for the orphanages. What is really needed is funding to help buy things needed for the children. So, would you like to help? Here is a great way! I'm copying this directly from the Global Orphan Team website:

In lieu of chocolate and candy hearts this Valentine’s day, why not donate to a worthy cause and brighten the day of a child.

By making a small donation (tax deductible) to Global Orphan Team beginning immediately through February 14, 2009, you will be sending a Valentine heart to the children of “Project Valentina.” The hearts will include your name and will have “YOU ARE LOVED!” printed on them as well.

At the end of the month, we will update you with pictures of the children who receive your hearts. We hope to do things like this often to reinforce our commitment to our children. We want to be “present” in the orphanages we have chosen to support as much as possible and we think this is a great way to do that. We want our children to feel our love for them consistently, not just when we are able to travel to Guatemala to see them.

For a $25 donation, we will send a “Valentina” heart on your behalf (hearts will be cut from 8×10 paper so you have an idea of the size), and don’t forget, you will receive an update at the end of the month full of pictures of the precious children who enjoyed your Valentines!

Would you help us spread the word? We will accept donations through our website until February 14th for this project as well.

Click on the donate page to submit your donation and help us cover the walls in BIG RED HEARTS!


Leslie said...

WHAT a awesome idea!!! My hubby is taking me out overnight on Saturday so instead of buying two mixed drinks (sadly would cost $25) i will send a donation .....


Laurie said...

Excellent idea! I am planning on sending 10% of what I sell of Bella's stuff to GOT, so that's perfect timing!

Amy S. said...


I have come back to see Ms. G in her steeler outfit 100 times...its about time I leave you a message.Dont want you to think I did not see you guys looking "hot" for the
What an awesome game... I know Ferdy was happy. Everybody around us freaked out when the cardinals ran and scored the touchdown and it was the end of the game and we were behind. I told every body around us....If anyone can drive that ball down the field and score...under pressure...Its the steelers...and they did...with poise, grace and focus. It was awesome to be there!
Love ya!