Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Yes, in fact, we are all still here and doing well!!! I know I've ignored the blog terribly since before Christmas! So, this post will be one of few words and LOTS of pictures from Christmastime and a few recent ones.

We went on a trip to North Carolina to play in the snow, but I'll save that for a separate post since there are so many pictures from that.

We met our good friends Carrie and Rich and their two little ones Savannah and Seth at Downtown Disney one day. Here's one of the girls.

At the AWESOME gingerbread house at the Grand Floridian before an unfortunate meltdown that caused us to have to leave early.

Gabriella was so excited to have her own pink Christmas tree in her room.

We couldn't leave Bing out of the fun!

Christmas Eve service at church

Getting cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer all ready.

Opening presents on Christmas morning. It was so much fun this year since she really got it and was so excited!

She's hugging a box of dress-up shoes. That's my girl!

Mommy's princess

Mommy and Miss G went to Disney one day during Christmas break.

We went to a local place to pick strawberries one day. Gabriella had a blast doing that.

Getting a box of straw ready for the camels for Three King's Day.

Putting it under the bed.

Opening the gift that the Three Kings left.

Pajama Day at school.

Trying on her hat and mittens before our trip to see snow.

We met some school friends at Blue Springs park to see the manatees. Should I be worried that she is holding hands with all the boys already?

Enjoying a Valentine's cupcake.

Stylin' and profilin'

Trip to Animal Kingdom a few weeks ago.

Well, hopefully that gives everyone their picture "fix" for a bit. I will post soon from the North Carolina trip.


Leslie said...

lol amen i have you as a friend on fb or id never see new miss g pics!! ;o)

Gardenia said...

welcome back. we missed you. that was a nice recap of the last 2 months. Miss G is growing and getting taller. what a little beauty and her smile is great.

Hannah said...

I LOVE her smile! Seriously, it is the best smile ever. You can not see it and help but smile yourself. Adorable!

Thankfully I am on FB with you too so I do get to occasionally see her sweet little face but I am a blog girl, I missed your posts!

Still very jealous of the strawberry picking!!

Jane said...

Love your sweet dimpled girl! It's funny that you pick strawberries in the winter and we pick them in May!

ali raza said...
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ali raza said...
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