Friday, April 14, 2006

And now we wait.............

Well, today I made the oh-so-fun (NOT!) drive to Miami to get the POA authenticated and off to Guatemala. Don't you know I'll be feverishly checking the FedEx site for the tracking of that shipment??!!!! Yikes, I never knew it could cost so much to send one little document!

I stopped on the way home in Boca Raton to visit with my dad, step-mom and step-brother. Hey guys!! It was nice to have a few hrs break between.

So, as soon as it arrives in Guatemala, they can start processing our case. I don't know when I'll hear any updates on things, but I will try to be patient and not bug the agency too much!

Oh, and today is Gabriella's one-month birthday!!


Kim said...

Happy One-Month, Sweet Pea!!!

Sam said...

Happy one month, Gabriella!

I love that name. :)

BTW, even though the driving and the documents, etc. are tedious, isn't it weird how it's also satisfying? Each bit of paperwork brings you closer to your child. I never felt that way with IVF each time I had a shot! :)


Anonymous said...

Sweet Gabriella! You are 1 month, soon you will be in your parents arms.


Ross said...

Just in case any one cares her step brothers name is Ross but I wish to be called little brother it sounds better.Than step brother yes now that I about this Iread it also and I am so happy that Iam going to be an Uncle I am so very happy.