Saturday, April 08, 2006

I just can't resist

I just had to post a few more pictures. Too hard to pick my favorites!


Kim said...

Stunning! What a cutie patootie!!

Anonymous said...

Baby Girl, just know that your Aunt Sares is going to spoil you rotten! I see a trip to Gymboree very soon :-) You will be a much loved little girl - now and always - by many people.

I'm sooooo very happy for you Al and Ferdy!!!!!!

Love you both,
Aunt Sares

P.S. Apple, Kera and Bing - move over. There will be a new girl under roof soon!

HHH said...

I found your blog on another that I read, Congrats...We have adopted also, what a blessing it is!

Anonymous said...

Oh she is Too sweet looking. What a precious lil' love. I am so glad you posted more pics. You know how we love our pics :) Have a safe trip today. One step closer!!!