Thursday, April 20, 2006

Chunky Monkey

I received an email from our agency that little Miss Gabriella was rechecked yesterday for her weight and she is now 5lbs 11oz!!!! That's over a pound in just over 2 weeks. I was very excited to see that and know that she must be eating well.

Also, the POA was received in Guatemala on Monday. So, hopefully over the next couple of weeks we'll hear something on our case being submitted for DNA and into Family Court.


Kim said...

That is so wonderful! Her weight is increasing quickly, which is a good sign. Shows she is eating well and obviously tolerating her formula well, too. Hooray! When do we get to see more pictures of the princess?

Anonymous said...

What a great bit of news. That is a HUGE milestone, as I know you were concerned about her weight. Yes, pictures please. We LOVE EM'


Sam said...

Fabulous about her weight gain! My grandmother would say: "She's a good eat-uh."

Also congrats on hearing that your paperwork is underway after your long trek to get it there. That must be so satisfying!