Thursday, June 01, 2006

I just love looking at my daddy while he feeds me.

Getting dried after my bath!

Last night was about the same as Tuesday night. She went to sleep around 10(we tried to keep her up later, but no dice), woke up at 2:00am and 6:15am. Mommy is feeling a bit like a truck ran her over today. Gosh, after only 3 days. Wimpy,huh?

We met another FTC (our agency) family by the pool yesterday. They are taking their sweet little one home today.

Thank you to everyone who has left us such nice comments! Keep them coming. And if you are just lurking, step out of the shadows and say hello!


Anonymous said...

Love today's pics!

I need another 'family' pic - close up of the 3 of you, please.

Aunt Sares

Kim said...

Could that picture of her in the towel possibly be any cuter?!?! I don't think it's possible!

Can't wait until you are the family by the pool who is there to take their little one home!

Jennifer in Utah FTC Family said...

Alleen & Ferdy,
Gabriella is so beautiful and sweet.
I am sure you need a lot of hugs for the trip home. I am sending them your way. BTW-tell Lisa Hi!!
You both look so cute together with your daughters...
Fellow member of the Girl Group missing you both!!! :)

Sam said...

Not wimpy at ALL. I hear ya, babe. I was feeling that squashed sensation even sooner. I'm glad you get to recover a bit after your long flight this time! I mentioned in my blog that after a week or so of only sleeping in one-hour increments (between screams) my body wouldn't stop tingling, like every cell was rebelling against the treatment I was giving it. ;) But as you're discovering, you put your head down, you do it, and you get through it. Someday they DO sleep through the night! :)


Anonymous said...

What great pictures!
I am so happy for you three. Seems like everything has gone/is going incredibly well...even with the pee, poop, cries and tiredness, which, for sure come with the territory, huh? I better start getting ready for all that as well. Can't wait to hear from you, see more pictures and meet my little niece!
Love, sis and auntie Ady!!!