Friday, June 02, 2006

Goodbye For Now - We'll see you soon!

Well, as expected, today was a really tough day - so hard to say good-bye to such a precious baby. We know she is in good hands, but of course we wish we could take her home with us now. Her foster mom was so excited to see her again and showered her with kisses and compliments. We had to ask them to take the crib and baby bathtub out of the room so we wouldn't be reminded she isn't here tonight. Sadly, the crib is still out in the hallway this evening.

Today, Ferdy spoke to the doctor that checks the babies monthly and he believes that Gabriella was a preemie, but we will never know for sure. The good news is that she is growing and healthy, just tiny.

Enjoy the pictures from today and just ignore my red eyes!


Sam said...

You look beautiful and so does Gab. :) That must have been so hard, with the crib. I hope the time until you are with her again passes with merciful quickness!


Cindy and Russ said...

Alleen and Ferdy,
Ok, Russ and I have been "lurking" for the entire trip. Today, you are both in our thoughts as you prepare to come home. It will be difficult to leave your daughter behind, but it is apparent she will be loved by those close by and many from afar.
Cindy and Russ

Anonymous said...

Dear 3,

Loved the family (close up) pics! Thank you :-)

Safe trip home, and we'll talk Monday.

Lova ya.

MAMB said...

I hope the rest of the process goes quickly so you can bring her home!

Anonymous said...

Alleen and Ferdy,
Absolutely love this family picture!!!! You guys look so great together ... happy family :)