Saturday, June 03, 2006

Last Post from Guatemala

This morning we went to the Artisan's Market in Guatemala City to finish up our souveinir shopping. Later we met with someone with Ferdy had worked with here in Guatemala about 6 years ago. We met her and her husband and had some lunch, picked up their son and went to a mall. Ferdy has desperately tried to find a soccer jersey from one of the Guatemalan teams, but they are nowhere to be found. If you want one from Brazil, Spain, Italy, France,etc, no problem. Guatemala, no - go figure. Then they drove us around the city for a while. It was a nice afternoon.

Here is one last picture of Gabriella and Maegan who share the same birthday. We bought the quilt they are laying on in Antigua at the market and found another one just like it today for Maegan. We were even able to bargain down the price to the same that we paid in Antigua(they seem to be more expensive here in the city). So, someday Gabriella will have that on her bed(hope she likes bright pink!!).

We head home tomorrow and get home around midnight. It will be good to be home, but I hope to return very soon!!


Denise said...


I have to say that seeing you all together melts my heart. I cant wait until you bring her home! SOON!!!!

Love and hugs! Denise

Anonymous said...

You guys will be back in no time to pick up Baby Girl! But first...her room must be finished because we don't want Gabby sleeping in a dresser drawer now do we?! :-)

Talk w/ you tonight!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Al, she's your daughter, of course she'll like (hot) pink!!!!! I would put money on the fact that her first bike will be pink.

Lisa said...

It would have been to much to ask that they both smile together in a picture! You guys are great and we are so lucky to have met all three of you! Let's hope we reunite on a VERY quick pick-up! Or maybe you and I can plan another visit trip?!!!

Sister said...

Ferdy y Allen:

Me llena de mucha emocion verlos tan contentos. Esta pagina es fabulosa, porque me siento tan cerca de todo lo que estan viviendo. Las fotos de mi sobrina estan bellas, estoy guardando algunas para mi album.

Los quiero mucho,