Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

I finally finished decorating the Christmas tree and putting up my village today. Now, we just need Santa to deliver the presents!!

The tree is actually much bigger in person that the pictures seem to indicate. It's not as skinny as it looks.

Next task is to somehow get a picture of Gabriella in front of the tree without her grabbing it. May be an impossibility.


Anonymous said...

Can you come to my house & decorate next??!

nikki said...

Love the village, and the tree looks great.

Anonymous said...

I know you are thrilled to finally have a tree, and better yet a room to put it in that's off limits to the furry kids.

I know Baby G will love looking at the lights!

BTW, I'm sending her Christmas gift Fed Ex from work today.

Auntie Sares
P.S. You were right! The White Choc. Moose Much was awesome!

Ana's Mama said...

What a beautiful tree! I wonder what would happen if we got my 3 dogs and your 3 cats together. Hmm... scratch that.

I wonder if all of the babies from Guatemala are as happy and beautiful as Gabriella and Ana. It must be a cultural thing.