Sunday, November 26, 2006

Random Weekend Photos

Silly, silly cat.

Sitting pretty

I couldn't get one single one with her eyes open. She knows the flash is coming.

Christmas tree shopping(this isn't our tree though - they were getting ours loaded up). I'll take a pic when it's decorated. I have to say, I envy those for whom tree shopping means finding one and cutting it yourself instead of inside a tent to protect it from the Florida sun. But, I don't want the snow and cold that goes with that location.

We went out to eat Friday night and it was the first time Gabriella sat in a highchair for an entire meal. She was so good.

She tried Macaroni & Cheese and liked it.

Hamming it up for the camera

Bing is quite interested in the water in the tub.

Sitting in Daddy's big chair.


MAMB said...

Cute kittie and gorgeous child - you had a great weekend! (I could go somewhere and cut down a tree I suppose but why? My artificial one doesn't leave needles every where for 8 months!)

Anonymous said...

Gabriella looks so big sitting in the highchair! We ate out last night and Maegan tried fries! After finishing her food of course! Cute pink shoes should be in the mail this week!

ginger said...

Your kittens are too silly. I love the one in the sink. Gabriella is adorable as always. She is getting to such a big girl. I this will be an exciting Christmas. Can't wait to see the tree.

Andrea said...

Such cute kitties! My cat sleeps in the sink, too. AND he drinks from the tap. No bowl of water for THIS spoiled kitty!

Gabriella is getting SO big! I love the last picture with her little teeth- so cute!

The McKenzie Crew said...



Sam said...

Love the highchair shots. And mac and cheese is a major hit at our house, too. I find it's the meal that keeps Jarrah the most occupied when we are having a restaurant meal--consider that a tip for later. ;)

Anonymous said...

We went for a pre-lit boxed tree this year. This Momma is too lazy to water the tree every day.

Don't you just love the cute faces that Gabriella makes???