Thursday, December 14, 2006

Happy 9 Months! This one's for you Sarah

Happy 9 months today to Gabriella. Time sure is flying. It seems weird to already be looking ahead to her 1st birthday not so far in the future.

Sarah said I must post some new pics today as she needed a fix and pick-me-up. So, this ones for you Sares...

Today, Gabriella, grandma and I went to lunch with Jeri and her mom Sandy. Sarah asked me to give some Christmas hugs to all of them and take pics!

Daddy's little Steeler fan getting some lunch.

Jeri took pics of the shoes since we all know how much we girls love


Sandy and Gabriella.

Jeri and Gabriella.

Hey, I like her bling!!!

What more could a girl ask for???? Surrounded by Brighton purses - heaven. I should have put her Brighton diaper bag and mommy's Brighton purse up there and we could have stayed all day!


Anonymous said...

Hi girls! The pics are doing the trick!

I can't believe Baby G is 9 months old today. Just yesterday....

Love ya,
Auntie Sares

Anonymous said...

That girl knows her fashion!


Crystal said...

OOOH I missed these --I haven't had a chance to blog lately!!!--How cute are those butterfly shoes!!!! ---oooh I want them!!!!--too too cute!!!!--Happy nine months baby Gabriella!!!!!!

erinberry said...

Happy 9 months!