Wednesday, December 20, 2006

OK, OK! An Update

Before my bloggerfriends kill me.. Here's an update.

First, thank you to my Secret Blog Pal!! She sent a tin of Peppermint Bark in an adorable Penguin tin!! I tore into it already.Can I just say, OMG YUMMMMY!

Here's a pic of Gabriella playing today. I promise to try to get more later, but she's napping for now.

Don't you just love these??? I had to do it!

I took Gabriella to a pediatric pulmonologist this morning. She's had chest congestion(or at least what seems to sound like that) since she's come home and I'm trying to get to the bottom of why. She had a chest X-Ray last week which was clear. Her pediatrician isn't really concerned, but gave me the referral anyway. The specialist thinks that if it were some kind of structural defect(which was mentioned as a possiblity by the ped.) that it would be present with every breath and it isn't. There are moments during the day(and of course while we were at the dr!) where she's fine. And then, next thing you know she's Darth Vader again. It's there at some point every day though. She's not wheezing, so it isn't thought to be asthma. I've tried running a humidifier and that doesn't make any difference. So, he thinks it may be some reflux that she has. She spits up a little, but not much. But, he said it may be just enough coming up in her throat that it makes it sound like that. He said because their bodies are so little, anything in their throat or airway will rattle around and be felt in their chest. So, I have a prescription for Zantac to give her for a month and then go back in for a recheck then. Anyone out there have any experience with this?


Anonymous said...

To Al's Blog Friend - you have no idea how much that girl loves white choc. BC she would come see me at Thanksgiving, and I had better have a batch of white choc pretzels for her on hand, which I would. She loves the white choc peppermint bark too!

Auntie S

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, lots of my online friend's babies are on Zantac. Works about 50% of the time. There are other meds they can try too if Zantac doesn't work and he might end up sending her for testing to make sure that she does in fact have reflux before prescribing a different med (if that one doesn't work).


Stephanie said...

Lexi has a rattling chest and my hubby is all freaked out by it. I have researched and I believe it is allergies. At this age, 10 mo, they can start developing allergies. Besides, she has all the other classic signs. Clear runny nose, rubbing the eyes and nose. I hope Gabriella feels better soon!

Andrea said...

Cute tshirts! Those are adorable.

I hope Gabriella feels better soon!

MAMB said...

You know, I used to wonder who bought those kinds of I realize I need to buy them too. Hehe! Cute!

Tricia said...

I dig the shirts!!!! COMPLETELY! I will keep Gabriella in my prayers, Alleen. It is really rough when they are not 100% healthy. I am a stress-freak and it bothers me anytime Victoria is not her normal self! Hope that Zantac does the trick!

Crystal said...

I love those T-shirts!!!--That is so funny!!!!--I hope Gabriella feels better!!--I will say some prayers for her!

Kim said...

We have tons of experience with reflux, but I hadn't even thought of it as a possible reason for Gabrielle's congestion. But yes, it definitely can cause that--and freak out the parents at the same time! You can also have an upper GI series done to see if she does, in fact, have reflux. As far as the Zantac goes, it worked for a week or two from J&A and then we had to switch to something stronger. Also, liquid Zantac is geared toward the elderly, so it is minty-flavored--don't be surprised if Gabriella doesn't want to take it straight up.