Friday, February 02, 2007

Thank you SBP!

We are in a new round of Secret Blog Pals now. I just received my gift from my new SBP! Thank you!! It's such an adorable outfit for Gabriella! And it even came with a sweet note than included sympathies for Ferdy that his beloved Steeler's aren't playing in the Super Bowl this weekend.

My SBP said they have 3 cats as well and are wondering about introducing them to a baby. I must say, we didn't really do much specific for that. We knew that the one cat was such a finicky loner that she would pretty much steer clear of her and she has(other than climbing in her bed the other day, but that's because G wasn't in it). The others, we weren't sure about. Bing, as you can see from all of the pics has turned out to be her buddy. Though he sometimes gets a little too comfy and she gets a handful of his hair. Kera has been very sweet too, though we watch her because she can get snippy without much warning. We just keep an eye on them when they are really close so that if she grabs them or pokes them and they swat, we are there to deflect. We do keep her door closed at night so that she doesn't have company in bed. I don't worry about that whole cat smothering the baby thing, but I sure don't care to have her and her bed covered in cat hair. Not to mention, I don't need them waking her up.


Andrea said...

Cute outfit! I am worried about how one of my cats is going to react. Thanks for the info!

The Wheelers said...

Hope my two dogs are as good as your cats! They are pretty spoiled since they are our only "babies" right now.

Love the new pictures!!!

Mackenzie's Forever Family said...

My hubby seems to think I'll want to get rid of our cats when Mackenzie gets home but I think they'll be fine. I have found one of them in her crib before and it fires me up... but what do you do?

Cute outfit by the way.


Holly G. said...

Alleen, i want to email you but I can't find your email.

Crystal said...

I also have this outfit for Emma!!!! I LOVE it!!!!!!

MMrussianadoption said...

cute outfit. Isn't it fun to dress a girl?