Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wonderful Wednesday

First, someone (I think Shelby or Farrah) asked if Gabriella was always smiling or if she ever cries. Believe me, she does!! It's almost always when you leave her alone for any amount of time now(oh, let's say for mommy to go potty?!). Here's proof:

Mommy, pretty please get me outta here

Holy cow, you'll have to excuse all the drool in these next pictures. I had no idea she had slimed herself that badly!

She's really good at cruising furniture now and once in a while she lets go and stands and balances for a few seconds on her own.

And of course, what would the day be without Bing silliness? Crystal, these are dedicated to you! He decided to hang out in the sink while Gabriella got her bath tonight.


Karen D. said...

The pictures just keep getting cuter and cuter! I am also a fan of Bing's pictures! One of my cats, Prince Charming, loves to hang out in the sink as well!
Thanks for your prayers for Abbie's adoption!

Take Care!

Stephanie said...

so so so so cute! I still see so much resemblance between her and Lexi!

The McKenzie Crew said...

I love the look on her face in the second picture - she is too funny and you know I am luvin me some BING:)


Michelle Smiles said...

I can't decide who I adore more - Gabriella or Bing!

Natalie said...

I love baby drool!

How funny is that...Bing in the sink!

Carrie said...

She is so beautiful! Drool is just a fact of life. Our Fudgie does the same thing--loves the sink. Maybe it is a black and white cat thing. And those musical pots and pans, Savannah favorite toy--hands down! That is why we got her a kitchen set for her birthday!

ginger said...

She is so adorable!!! Of course the cat is always cute.

Kim said...

Those Bugs Bunny poses of hers always crack me up!! Too cute!!

Andrea said...

Seriously Alleen, how does she keep getting cuter and cuter every day? I LOVE her in pink- that dress is adorable.

My cat sleeps in the sink :)

Crystal said...

OOOOH MY GOODNESS!!!!--I DID NOT SEE THESE UNTIL NOW!!!!!!! oooooh ALLEEN THANK YOU YOU ARE JUST THE SWEETEST AND I AM CRACKING UP AT MR BING!!!!!! --I try to check during the day but Miss Emma is not napping over here and last night I fell asleep at 8pm!!! not normal for me!! I never sleep--well until now!!!!:O)--

I love these pictures --I am cracking up at Bing in the sink --our Charlie has never done that --and the way he looks at himself in the mirror is just the funniest thing --do you and your hubby just sit and laugh at him?!!!!! awww you are so sweet!!!!--and Miss Gabriella --I am loving the PINK dress love love love it!!! She is just so beautiful!!!!

ps--do you think I should run for president of the Bing Fan Club?!!!! --he is a celebrity in blogworld you know!!! ;o)