Thursday, March 29, 2007

Asserting Herself

Not many pics this week as there hasn't been much time between hissy fits, oops I mean asserting herself. This has been a rough week on mommy trying to keep her patience intact. I can't say it is completely. Gabriella has been fighting naps and throwing some pretty good fits. She's taken to arching her back and throwing her head backwards on the floor. That works out just fine and dandy as long as she's on a soft surface. She's just all around not been a very happy camper all week. She took an hour to finally give in this afternoon and take a nap. She woke up a much happier girl. Too bad you can't reason that with them, huh?

Here are the pics I did take.

Yep, the pointer is still working overtime.

Caught in the act of biting Minnie's ear!

Can't you just see it in her eyes????


Lisa said...

Maegan has that liliac Easter shirt too! I'm sorry Maegan has been a bad influence on Maegan. It must be some weird way the sun, moon, stars and planets are aligned!! Maegan is cranky everyday!! It IS VERY TIRING! She too arches her back and throws herself around the floor. (no tile here) Almost seizure like. If you find a cure PUH-LEASE let me know! Miss G is beautiful as always!

Type (little) a said...

In that last picture, she's looking at you like "I'm the boss mommy, and I know it"

She's just giving you a taste of her teen years. LOL

Kim said...

Attitude or not, she is quite beautiful. I'm sorry you are having a rough time. Maybe she's getting all of the 'tude out of her system now, and you will have it easy during her pre-teen years. :) (at least one can hope)

Michelle Smiles said...

I know we are supposed to encourage them to assert themselves but I am sure it makes for a loooong day for mommy!

Carrie said...

We have pointing and arching going on here too. It is just that age. I like that--asserting herself. We have been using the words, independent, definite, and spirited. They are caught between babyhood and toddlerhood, but that toddlerness definitely comes out. Keep cool Mommy! You are doing great (even when you feel like pulling your hair out). She is so beautiful! So funny that the girls stats are so close. Two healthy beauties! And we have similiar cats too! Wish we lived closer! We may be coming to Disney in January--my hubby wants to do the marathon (no me though!)

Anonymous said...

At our house we call this type of behavior "a phase". I know, I know. But, it makes us feel better to know it may end soon.


Anonymous said...

Miss G is so beautiful. She is definitely "asserting" herself...hehe. In that last picture she looks like she's daring you to say anything other than "do as you please Gabriella"

:) -Tara

bodegalee said...

What a beauty she is!! Attitude and all!! I'd love to say it goes away, but sometimes the verbage just gets more sophisticated!! I dont know why they call it the "terrible twos" as we started long, long before that! There's this great book that has helped me on so many fronts, I'm always pulling it off the shelf, called: Raising your Spirited Child" by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka. I think the title does a disservice to the book cause I think it's a great read for every parent, but then again I'm a dedicated bookaholic - lol!!

MMrussianadoption said...

Our kids have that same Learning House. They love it.