Thursday, March 15, 2007

Baby's Got Her Smile Back

Gabriella was in a MUCH better mood today and was back to her smiley self(with the normal little hissies in between). Phew. Yesterday was trying on mommy's nerves!

It was a nice day out, so Sarah, Gabriella and myself(or is it me?????) sat outside and enjoyed the weather. Gabriella played in her exersaucer and mommy got to read a magazine. Then, she took a 2 hr nap!!!

Ok, so I guess maybe there was still a little diva left over!

Kera wanted to come out and play! We're getting the pool fence installed week after next and the kitties will be allowed out on the deck then. They will be very happy. They are banished to inside the house now because they all dash for the planters and get into the plants and after the lizards.

Sarah went back home to Nashville this evening -waaaah. We miss her already.


Lori said...

Oh how fun!! Sorry I missed your birthday Gabriella (sp?) Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had some good fun!!

ginger said...

Sounds like a great day!!Gabriella is so beautiful. Love that smile.

Anonymous said...

I miss you 3 too :-(

Auntie S

Lori said...

I missed the pool when I looked at the pix earlier - too busy looking at your cutie! Can I come over and swim? I love pools!!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Gorgeous baby girl:)


The Wheelers said...

That "diva" picture is precious! And how jealous am I of your pool? :)

Natalie said...

Love the diva pic!

Man, I'm jealous of the weather, the green grass and the pool!

Sig said...

Alleen, she looks so big!! I have been so bad with commenting. Gabs is so beautiful. Please give her a kiss for me!!!!

Crystal said...

Okay I am soooo jealous not only do you live in Florida and have green grass and live with Bing but you have a pool too?!!!! OOOH my goodness!!!!! To have a pool is like my dream!!!!! :o)

I am loving that dress on Gabriella so so so so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to go shopping with you!!!
I am sad for you your friend with home!!! :o(

Carrie said...

She looks so beautiful. She must be feeling all better! Love the summer dress and your pool is so nice. I am jealous. I am dying for warm weather and all we keep getting is snow.