Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Whole Lotta Cuteness!!!

Yesterday, Gabriella and I went over to Corey's house and we got to spend the afternoon with 4 other Guatemamas(and a couple of Guatepapas) and their babes. We had such a fun time finally getting to meet everyone after following their blogs.

We got to meet Corey and Luke, Amy and Isabella and Gabrielle, Shelby and Breahna and Farrah and Madisyn.

It was so much fun watching the babies just play and play and interact. Gabriella was overwhelmed at first with so many other kids and the noise. But, by the end of the day, she had settled in and was having fun.

Enjoy the pictures:

Gabriella and Madisyn

Mommy, I think we need something like this. I had fun climbing in and out!

Gabriella and Luke


Gabriella and Breahna

The two Miss Gs!

Miss Madisyn

This one's a little different than ours at home mommy

I've been thinking of getting Gabriella this zebra. She's still a little young for it, but I think she would really enjoy it in a couple of months.

Hey Luke, will you give me a lift?

Gabriella loved this blow-up chair. I think mommy needs to put one on her shopping list.

We decided there was just no way in this universe we'd be able to get a pic of just the kids together as that would require them being in one spot for more than 1/2 a second. So, we took group shots of the moms and babes.

Left to right: Alleen & Gabriella, Corey & Luke, Farrah & Madisyn, Amy & Isabella, Shelby, Gabrielle(also Amy's little one) & Breahna


Kim said...

Oh my! How much fun! I hope Luke was able to handle all of those girls. :)

And THANK YOU!!!!!!!! for being my SBP. We LOVE all of the stuff you sent. Alex will not let that book out of his sight. :)

Shelby said...

It was nice meeting you guys. We had such a good time. We have to be sure and do it again.

Corey said...

Yesterday was a blast! We'll have to do it again!

Andrea said...

How fun is that!! It looks like they all had a great time. And Luke is quite the little ladies man! So much fun!

Can I get a blow up chair for my room ;)

MAMB said...

A room full of cuteness! How fun!

amy said...

We definitely have to do it again. I tried to save yours to my computer and it saves but wont open them, Farrah emailed me the two from hers and they look good, if you get a minute I would love yours too. Next time I suggest we try taking pictures earlier in the day, maybe Isabella will be more cooperative.

Lisa said...

Guate babies are the cutest!! Looks like y'all had a great time! We bought Maegan the zebra for her b-day! Great minds think alike!

The Wheelers said...

Love, love, love these pictures! Looks like everyone had a great time together!

Crystal said...

Okay seriously that is some good looking kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OOOH my goodness I want to come!!!!! I LOVE Gabriella's outfit--it is just the cutest little thing!!!!! I was thinking about you today Alleen --seriously seriously I think I am coming to visit--do you know how cold it was 29 degrees today!!!!--ooooh I want spring here sooo badly!!!! I am sitting in front of the fire still freezing!!!! I am coming to you you soon if it does not warm up okay?!!!! I will even bring a whole bunch of treats for Bing!!!! :o) hugs to you and Gabriella!!!!

Carrie said...

Oh wow! What a great day! I wish I lived in Florida (I don't like winter at all--my husband does though)! I would love to meet all of you and have Savannah play with all our cyber pals! Looks like so much fun and they are all SO adorable together! Gabriella looks beautiful!

Debra said...

This play group looks like a lot of fun. I enjoy seeing so many other guatebabies in one room. I am in Florida (TampaBay) too.